SYL-2615 with Monolith Classic

SYL-2615 with Monolith Classic

Postby Monolith » Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:28 am

I tried die SYL-2615 with my Monolith Classich (ttp:// Because this grill is about the same size as an BGE Large, i choosed for my first attempt the standard BGE settings (see attachded). The SYL-2615 did a great job, reached the set temperature fast and held it properly. Please see the attached plot (temperature is in celsius) from 11.13 to 11:53. While temperature was stable, the fan wasn't. The fan Output was at 15 to 20 %, i guess this is quite high. Which value (P-I-D) should i change to optimize fan output? kind regards from Switzerland
Plot Monolith Classic.PNG
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Settings Monolith Classic.PNG
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Re: SYL-2615 with Monolith Classic

Postby Sharron » Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:53 am

Hi Monolith, thank you for posting your question here. I think the main reason here is the P value (P = 20) is too small. For Kamado-styled smoker like Big Green Eggs or your Monolith Classic, P value should be set to 45. The saved settings for BGE is P = 45, I = 1200, and D =75.

We have a diagnostic guide discussed this issue. We put a link on each of the product pages of SYL-2615.

Please change the P value to 45 and let us know how it goes.
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Re: SYL-2615 with Monolith Classic

Postby Kkane » Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:44 pm

When the temperature is stable, it is quite normal that output is not stable. The controller needs to adjust the output to overcome all the disturbance that affects the temperature stability. Your plot showing the output is little jitter than normal. This can be due to the wind or the charcoal. But there is a small possibility that is due to the system setting. There are two things you can try to adjust. 1) increase P value by 30% to 33 . And 2) reduce the top vent opening.

When temperature is held close to the set point, the average output level is not related to the PID settings. It mainly depends on the ambient temperature, insulation quality of the smoker (I am not sure if this model is as good as the Big Green Egg), and the blower’s capacity. In some systems, the location of the charcoal is also very important. If the charcoal is far away from the air entrance, the fresh air is less effective to help burning. In order to compensate the heat lost, the blower has to blow harder. But as the blower running harder, more unused cold air is going through the smoker. This cold air can lower the inside temperature. In an extreme condition, the fan can blow up to 100%, but temperature keeps dropping or even stops at a low level. But this is mostly happened to metal wall smokers. We haven’t seen this issue in a Kamado type smoker.
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Re: SYL-2615 with Monolith Classic

Postby Monolith » Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:56 pm

Hi Sharron, hi Kane
Thank you for your help!
@Sharron, sorry, i forgot to mention: My P value 25 is in Celsius. Multiply by 1.8 you get 45, which is the P value in Fahrenheit.
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