Recommendation for powder coating oven

A. controller.
1) SYL-2342 Most people use this controller. It can be used to drive either a contactor or a gas valve.
SYL-2362 This controller can also be used. It controls a SSR which will relay the power to the heater

B. Temperature sensor.
WRNK-171  This is the most commonly used sensor for this application.
TC-K6A2 Some people like to put sensor close to the parts. This sensor can be used.

C. Relay (contactor).
Most people use 240VAC line voltage. Here is the one to use. Each one can drive up to 8kw at 240V. The controller can drive more than 10 contactors in parallel.
Please note, external relay (or contactor) is not needed for gas heated oven. The controller internal relay can drive the gas valve directly.
Other options. These are the options which we only knew few customers did.
1) Use SSR instead of contactor. SSR will provide a more precision control. But it needs heat sink to remove the heat generated from the SSR. This is easy for oven that draws less than 20A of current. Because most power coating oven requires more than 60 Kws heater, it makes heat removal more difficult. A cooling fan might be needed to blow over the heat sink. When use SSR, you need a controller with SSR control output. Either our SYL-2352 or the SYL-2362 can be used.
2) Some people put a timer in the control loop. They use the alarm to activate the timer when temperature reaches the alarm setting. When timer reach finished, it will turn off the contactor to shut off the system.

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