Estimated delivery date for FedEx Domestic Express Services

Ship Date** vs Shipping method FedEx First Overnight FedEx Priority Overnight FedEx Standard Overnight FedEx 2 Day FedEx Express Saver
Mon. Tue. Tue. Tue. Wed. Thurs.
Tue. Wed. Wed. Wed. Thurs. Fri.
Wed. Thurs. Thurs. Thurs. Fri. Next Mon.*
Thurs. Fri. Fri. Fri. Next Mon.* Next Tue.
Fri. Next Mon.* Next Mon.* Next Mon.* Next Tue. Next Wed.

* For certain areas, Saturday Delivery is available for extra $16 Saturday Delivery fee.

** We will ship your order out within 1 business day. For FedEx Express shipping, the orders received by 2:30PM East Time will be ship out same business day. We will try our best to ship out your order earlier, but no guarantee. Please contact us ASAP if you want to change your order.
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