Thermometer for Sous Vide Cooking


  • Model: AT100SV


Product Description:

This thermometer for professional cooking. It comes with a pointed RTD probe for measuring internal meat temperature.  The thermometer can be set to either 1 degree or 0.1 degree resolution. The accuracy is <0.5Fin the 32-210F range.  This thermometer has a programmable alarm and a built-in buzzer, which will beep if set temperature is reached. Its alarm can be programmed for either high limit or low limit. The gauge is powered by 12V DC through an AC adapter (included) for continuous operation. Its cable length is 3 ft. Peak temperature and the time when peak temperature is reached can be recorded. Display unit can be set to either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

This thermometer has several advantages over the other kitchen thermometers on the market. Although some thermistor based thermometer has similar accuracy in the <200F range, the reliability is a major problem. Thermistor based probe is very sensitive to the moisture. If water gets into the tip, it will fail. Thermocouple based meter is not as accurate because the inherent cold junction compensation problem. In addition, most thermometers on the market are powered with battery these days. They can't be operated continuously without running out of battery. Our digital thermometer with RTD probe does not have the above limitations. The RTD temperature sensor provides high accuracy and reliability. The AC adapter allows the meter to run 24/7 continuously. User can leave the probe in the meat to monitor the temperature continuously. When desired temperature is reached, the programmable alarm will beep to alert the user.



Maximum Temperature < 300 C (570F)
Probe length 150 mm or 6"
Probe diameter 3.0mm or 1/8"
Cable length 2 meter or 6 ft
Resolution 1 C or F, 0.1 C or F
Accuracy 0.2 C at 0 C.

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One (1) year for the thermometer, three (3) months for the sensor.

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