WIFI BBQ Controller for 55 G Drum style Smoker, 10 CFM

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Gold medal winner by amazingribs.com

This PID controller is for controlling the temperature of a medium sized backyard smoker and a 55 gallon drum style smoker. This system contains a 10 CFM blower that is more powerful than the other system we offer. It can bring the temperature of the Weber Smokey Mountain to above 300F.  It is also suitable for large barrel smokers that burn more fuel than the Kamado style smoker. Developed by industrial control engineers, this controller utilizes an advanced AI (artificial intelligence) enhanced PID algorithm that can hold the cooking temperature within a tight range and prevent temperature overshooting from disturbances such as opening/closing the pit lid, wind, sun, and ambient temperature drops.

  • Three control modes: Fan Speed, Duty Cycle, and Manual.
  • Multi-steps programmable cooking temperature profile.
  • Most durable and accurate probes.
  • Open-lid detection.
  • App based Wi-Fi interface for remote control.
  • Easy to set up Wi-Fi configuration. 
In addition to the solid control performance that has been proven by our older model SYL-1615 (see a review here), a few long-desired features have been introduced to this new model SYL-2615:
Three control modes to control the blower. 1) PID fan speed control mode. The controller adjusts the fan speed using PID algorithm. This control mode is suitable for smokers with steel wall such as Weber Smokey Mountain. It reduces the amount of ashes that can be blown up (see the application note for details). 2) PID duty cycle control mode (PWM). Instead of adjusting the speed of the fan, the controller adjusts the percentage of time that the fan will be running in full speed. This is the same control method used by our SYL-1615 series controller and many other PID controllers. This mode is more suitable for Kamado grills/smokers, such as Big Green Egg, which usually require very low air flow. The PID duty cycle control mode provides a higher precision control in the low air flow situation than the fan speed control mode. 3) Manual control mode. It allows a user to manually adjust the speed of the fan regardless the temperature. It’s just like a dial of a cook top. This mode can be used in occasions when a user want to take over the temperature control and manually adjust the fan speed. It can also be a useful tool for tuning the system.
Multi-step temperature control. Users can configure this controller to work either in single-step control mode, which is common to most smoker controllers on the market, or in multi-step control mode, which has been used on our electric smoker controller for many years and is copied by others. In the multi-step mode, a user can program a different target pit temperatures for each step. And each step can end either by a pre-set timer, or by reaching a pre-set food temperature. For example, a user can set a low pit temperature in Step 1 for two hours to let smoke flavor gets a good penetration to the raw meat. Then, the user can bring pit temperature up to a higher temperature in Step 2 to finish the cooking. In another example, user can set the pit temperature in Step 1 to higher than normal to speed up the “low and slow” cooking without compromising the moisture. Program the pit temperature at 275°F in Step 1. Then, go to Step 2 if the food temperature reaches 170°F. The pit temperature of Step 2 is set at 225°F and stay there for a set timer duration. This gives user a better control than the “ramp mode” used by other manufacture. A total of three steps can be programmed. When the entire program is finished, the controller will stop the blower and alert the user.
Dual-probe. This controller has two probes: one for monitoring and controlling the pit temperature, the other for monitoring the meat temperature. RTD sensing elements are used to give accurate measurements in all weather conditions. The performance of a RTD sensor based system is more robust than a thermistor or thermocouple based system. The high temperature cable is strong, durable, and easy to clean. 
Open-lid detection. The controller will pause the blower automatically when it detects a sudden temperature drop. A sophisticated algorithm that can handle many possible open-lid scenarios has been employed. The algorithm is specially tuned to have minimum pit temperature overshooting if the lid is opened for a quick food inspection. 

All the included parts in this kit.
• Wi-Fi Connection. This controller can be operated via your smartphone through the Wi-Fi connection. Different than some old web based Wi-Fi controllers on the market, this controller is app based.  The app based interface is more user friendly with more functions. It gives user a feeling that the phone is integrated as a part of controller. (As a good analogy, the difference between the web and app based interface is just like the experiences of finding the local weather information by using a weather app or by browsing the wheather.com).  The Wi-Fi connectivity provides several advantages and features than controllers without Wi-Fi connection. 
  1. Access the device remotely. It allows you to check the temperature readings, or change settings from your smart phone at anytime from anywhere (yes, anywhere!) as long as you have cellular or Wi-Fi internet access. You’ll be able to monitor the device when you are not at home, or doing grocery shopping.
  2. Easy to view and analyze the performance. Our app offers graphic plots to show the temperature and blower output data over the time. You can also export the data to a CSV file for further analysis.
  3. User-friendly interface. Setting up the control parameters through the app is much easier than doing it from the controller. On the controller, the information can be displayed is very limited and using the four-key input is cumbersome. In addition, to change parameters you might have to check the manual from time to time to learn what do these parameters do. In contrast, when you change settings from AuberSmart app, the function and the setting range of each parameter will be denoted on the screen to save the hustle of checking the operation manual. 
  4. An integrated solution. The AuberSmart app makes the smart phone as one part of the controller system. The system has more functions and easier to operates.  Moreover, you can manage multiple devices from the AuberSmart device family just with a few clicks (see figure below). Instead of using one app for only one type of device, our smart phone app is the central control console for different types of AuberSmart devices. You will get a better user experience than web based interfaces of other Wi-Fi enabled devices.
  5. Easy to configure Wi-Fi connection (Video: AndroidiOS). In the old days, configuring a Wi-Fi enabled device to the internet was a complicated task. It required knowledge of networking and usually took several steps. Now with the new technology we used, the configuration is much simple. Once you put the controller in Wi-Fi configuration mode (by pressing two keys for 5 seconds), all you need to do is entering your Wi-Fi password from your phone and click “add device” button, which is much easier than doing it from the keypad on a controller. The app will finish configuring the device within one minute.
The main screen in the AuberSmart App. Data plots of temperature in the past 2 hours.

Screen shot of the Parameter Setting page. Every parameter name is followed by its definition. Three devices (2 x SYL-2615 and 1 x TH220-W) are monitored by the phone at the same time.

Ball Valve Adapter for Blower (optional)
Showing pictures of adapters for both 6.5 CFM and10&20 CFM Blowers. The Ball Valve Adapter for 10&20 CFM Blower is suitable to the blower in this kit.


AC adaptor: 100 ~ 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz input. 12V DC, 1 Amp output.
Power consumption (Controller only) < 0.9 W (without blower)
Power consumption (Blower only) 3.4W (6.5 CFM); 3.2W (10 CFM); 5.6W (20 CFM)
Sampling rate: 2 samples/second
Accuracy: 0.2 % full scale
Display range: -99 ~ 930°F, or -99 ~ 500°C
SSR output for Fan: 12 VDC, 1 Amp
LCD display: Backlit LCD, black on white
Control Mode: PWM, Fan-speed, Manual
Alarm: High/low alarm for Pit temp. High alarm for food temp.
Sensor: PT1000 RTD, -99 ~ 500°F (-99 ~ 260°C)
Wireless Standards: 2.4Ghz, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Security Protocols: 64/128 - bit WEP, WEPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES
Dimension: 4.4 x 3.3 x 1.3" (113 x 83 x 33 mm)

App for Andriod 
App for iOS
SYL-2615 Manual

Supplementary manual (WiFi Setup, App)
Application notes
WiFi Setup Video (AndroidiOS)

• Warranty: 1 year for controller and blower, 90 days for sensor
• Optional Li-ion battery pack is offered. Please check here for more details.

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