Tachometer with Progressive Shift Light

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  • Model: ASL-41


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Product Description:

This is a compact tachometer, counter, and frequency meter. It measures the signal from a pulse sending unit.  It has the ability to calculate and convert the pulse rate to RPM or any other unit. The gauge has an internal relay that turns on at programmed speed. In addition, it comes with a small  LED board that can be mounted on dash board. The LED board has tri-color high intensity LEDs. Driver can program the LED color so that it can display three different colors at specific RPM range. This feature will help the drive to shift the gear without looking the instraument panel.


  • Three measuring mode: tachometer (RPM), frequency meter (Hz), and counter.
  • A build-in timer that can count power-on time up from 0 to 9999 (unit in second, minute, or hour).
  • Input power 12 - 30V DC. 
  • Supplies 12V and 5V DC to external light or buzzer.
  • Digital LED display with range from 0 to 9999.
  • Adjustable LED brightness.
  • Progressive shift light can be associated with four assigned ranges.
  • One relay output that can be activated by high/low limit alarms.  
  • Build-in timer to record time since the meter being powered on.
  • Two multipliers which enable the user to do simple conversion on the raw signal.    

A LED Progressive Shift Light is included within the package of ASL-41 Tachometer. 

Application Example:
Use the shift light (included in the product package) to indicate different range of the measured input signal. The ASL-41 is used as a counter (P-Sn = 3). Settings: A1 = 1100, A2= 2100, and A3 = 3100. The color of the shift light changes as the counted number increases and passes the threashold set by A1, A2, and A3.
when input signal is less than A1
(PV < = A1)
 when input signal is between  A1 and A2
( A1 < PV <= A2)
 when input signal is between A2 and A3
(A2 < PV <= A3)
when input signal is greater than A3
(PV > A3)


Input signal range Low: -30V ~ +0.6V; high: +4V ~ +30V
Input sensor type Optical coupler, proximity sensor, hall sensor, encoder
Power supply DC 12 ~ 30V
Power consumption < 2W
Relay contact rating 3A
Relay life 100,000 times
Sampling minimum measureable frequency: 1 Hz;
maximum measureable frequency: 50KHz
Display range 0 ~ 9999
Measurement range 1 - 9999; 60 - 9999 RPM; 1 - 6000 Hz
Accuracy ± 0.3%  of full input range; or ±1 unit
LED Display 0.26'' red LED
Working Condition 0 - 60°C, 0 - 85%RH
Panel cutout 45 x 22 mm
Dimension 48 x 24 x 65 mm

Included in the package:
1 x ASL-41 Tachometer
1 x Shift Light (with red, green, and blue LED light)  

Please click here to download the instruction manual

Stock status: Red display option is currently out of stock. Blue display is in stock. 

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