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Product Description:

  • LED digital display, easy to read from distance.
  • Powered with AC adapter for continuous operation.
  • Programmable alarm with built-in buzzer.
  • Record peak temperature and the time when peak temperature is reached.
  • Accept 10 types of commonly used sensors ( thermocouple and RTD)

This small and compact thermometer can be used for either industrial or home applications.  It has the LED display that can be easily read from distance as compared with LCD based display. The thermometer is powered by an AC to 12VDC adapter (included). It can operate continuously 24/7, as compared to most battery powered thermometers that will shut off by themselves after a short period of operation (to save the battery).

The thermometer can accept 8 most commonly used thermocouples to cover a very broad temperature range.  With K type thermocouple; it can measure from -320F to 2400F (or -200 to 1300C). With R or S type thermocouple, it can measure from -58 to 2900F (or -50-1600C).   It also supports Pt100 RTD sensor for high precision and high accuracy measurement with 1 F or 0.1F resolution. The sensor type can be selected and set by user. The display unit can be set to either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

This themometer has a programmable alarm with built-in buzzer. When desired temperature is reached, the alarm will beep to alert the user.  Peak temperature and the time when peak temperature is reached can be recorded.

This listing is for themometer without temperature probe. Buyer can purchase any of the thermocouple or RTD sensor listed in out web to work this thermmeter.  Sensors from other manufactures can also be used as long as it is the type listed in the manual. Connector and ferrules are provided for connection.

For its applications with Kiln, Spa water control room, professional cooking, and chimney temperature, please see the bundled package with probe in the same product category.

Main Specifications:
Input type TC: K, E, S, R, J, T, B, WRe3-WRe25. RTD: Pt100, Cu50
Input range K (-200~+1300ºC), S (-50~+1600ºC), WRe3-WRe25 (0~2300ºC ), R (-50~+1600ºC),
T (-200~400ºC), E (-200~900ºC), J (-200~1200ºC), B (350~1800ºC),
Pt100 (-99.9~600.0ºC) or (-200~+600ºC), Cu50 (-50~150ºC)
Display One line, Four digits. °F or °C.
Display Resolution 1°C, 1°F with Thermocouple, or 0.1°C, 0. 1°F with Pt100
Accuracy ±0.2% or ±1 unit of full input range
Operating temperature -20-50°C, or 0-100°F
Alarm Process high/low alarm
Power consumption <0.5 Watt
AC adapter 100-240V, 50/60Hz input. 12 VDC, 1 Amp output, cable length is 3 ft.
Dimension 30x70x90mm (1.2x2.8x3.5")

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