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Product Description:

This thermometer is probably the most economical RTD probe based thermometer on the market. It can be used for temperature measurement in liquid or air. 

The platinum RTD probe provides comparable accuracy as the thermistor sensor but with wider temperature range, better stability and much better reliability in moisture or high temperature environment.  It has higher accuracy but narrower temperature range than the thermocouple. Most lab grade high precision thermometers uses platinum RTD sensor.

The probe is constructed with 304 stainless steel shell, epoxy sealing, and fluoropolymer (PFA) cable. It is completely immersible in water and most organic solvent.  Due to the small thermal mass, it can also be used for air temperature measurement . The response time in the air (63.2% in still air) is about 60 seconds. 

The thermometer has a programmable alarm that activates an LED and a buzzer when temperature is too high or too low.  The maximum temperature as well as the time when the maximum temperature happened can be recorded. Temperature unit can be set to either Celsius or Fahrenheit. The resolution can be set to either 1 degree or 0.1 degree. The accuracy is <0.2F at 104F.  It can be calibrated by the user to compensate any error generated from the system. The meter is powered by AC for continuous operation 24/7. Its cable length is 3 ft.



Temperature range -200- 250 C
Probe length 50 mm (2")
Probe diameter 4.0mm (5/32")
Cable length 2 meter (6 ft)
Resolution 1 C or F
 0.1 C or F
 Probe Accuracy Class A
System Accuracy 0.2 F at 100F
Power requirement 100-240AC
or 9-12 VDC

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One (1) year for the thermometer, three (3) months for the sensor.

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