Thermometer for Stove Pipe, Chimney, Optional Remote Alarm

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This bundled package can be used for stove pipe and chimney temperature monitoring. There are two buzzers: one is built in the meter, and the other one is an optional external buzzer. The two buzzers are synchronized. The meter contains two alarm settings for the buzzer. One alarm can be used for high limit alarm and other can be used for low fuel alarm.  The external buzzer can be placed at different floor from where the stove is located.  The gauge is powered by 12V DC through an AC adapter (included) for continuous operation. It can also be powered by car battery. 

 Thermometer with Power supply, Buzzer

Three types of sensor options are available. One is a washer sensor for single wall pipe. It is to be mounted on the surface of the pipe or stove with a #6 screw. The other is a 4" (100 mm) probe that can be used for double wall pipe. User need to drill a 1/8" hole to insert the probe.  Three different cable lengths for the sensor cable are offered, 6 ft (2m), 13ft (5 m) and 33 ft (10 m). The longer sensor cable allows the user to place the meter in one room and probe in the other room (or floor). The magnet probe can be attacehd to magnetic surfaces and walls. It can measure up to 750 ºF (400 ºC). Magnet may lose some of the holding force above that. Please select the sensor cable length option when ordering.

Washer Sensor for Single Wall (TC-K-WS) Sensor with Bracket for Double Wall (TC-K-BR)

Magnet Probe for Surface Temperature Such as Cast Iron Stove (TC-K-MAG).

Buzzer option: Two buzzer options are provided. One is a panel mount flashing buzzer FLBuz-12. It will flash red light with buzzing sound. The other is a wall mount Piezo buzzer shown in the lower right picture. It can be screw mounted or sticked to the wall. The Piezo Buzzer gives no light, but it has a very lound buzzing sound (about the same level as the smoke alarm).
FLBuz-12 Piezo buzzer
The cable length of the external flashing buzzer is 3 ft. It can be extended to more than 100 ft with two conductor cable. The cable length of the piezo buzzer is 4 ft. It can also be extended by two conductor cable. Please pay attention to the polarity of the Piezo Buzzer. If not correctly connected, the buzzer won't work. 

Display unit can be set to either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
Temperature range ( with K type thermocouple) : -320 ºF-1650 ºF. (higher temperature probe is available upon request)
Accuracy, +/-5 ºF over the entire range.

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