K type TC w/ mounting bracket for oven, smoker and chimney

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This K type thermocouple is suitable for chimney, smoker and low temperature oven (<1800 °F) application. The thin diameter probe (1/8" or 3.0mm) offers fast response time in the air. The bracket on the probe allows it to be easily mounted to the wall of a sheet metal cabinet or chimney. User just need to drill two 1/8" holes on the sheet metal. One for inserting the probe and other for installing a fixation screw (included). The bracket can also be attached to fixtures inside the oven. .

Bracket dimensions  (mm)


4" (100 mm) long probe is offered. Long probe will reduce the temperature influence from the mounting site, provide a more accurate measurement. The diameter of the probe is 1/8” (3.0 mm) diameter made of stainless steel.  Cable length, 6 ft (2 meters). The bracket measures 0.575x1.625 inch  (15x42 mm). The holes will fit with #6 to #10 screw. Two connector options are available. You can either choose the spade connector (as shown in the profile picture) or the two-pin mini connector (as shown in the picture below). 

TC-K-BR with mini connector installed.

The maximum working temperature:900°C (1650°F). Cable insulation: Fiberglass with stainless steel overbraid (900 °F).

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