100A SSR for DC (100V)


  • Model: MGR-1DD80D100


Product Description:

This SSR is specifically designed for low voltage DC applications such as thermoelectric cooler (TEC or Peltier cooler), LED illumination and low voltage DC heater. A unique feature of the design is its extremely low on-resistance (only 0.006 ohm@ 70A, 10V). The main benefits of using this design are
1) Low heat generation from the SSR. Removing the heat generated by the SSR itself can be a headache when high current is passed. 
2) Low voltage drop. There will be negligible voltage drop at the SSR. In comparison, other DC SSRs may have 1 - 3 volt drop with a 12V power supply.  The voltage drop can become a significant issue when low voltage DC power source is used.
3) Low cost. The price of this SSR is much lower than other same current rating DC SSR with higher voltage rating. In addition, you will also save the cost and space for a heat sink.
The maximum working voltage is 100V DC.
Since the heat generated by this SSR is about 10 to 100 times less than other DC SSRs with higher voltage ratings, there is no need to use a heat sink when load is a 12VDC 10A TEC or heater. When used with our HS25 heat sink, it can handle a 60A load. When used with our HS25ET (rated for 25A AC SSR) external heat sink, it can take a 80A load.  And when used with our HS40ET (rated for 40A AC SSR) external heat sink, it can handle a 100A load.   


Description 100A SSR
Manufacture AUBER
Input Voltage 3-32VDC
Output Voltage 5-100VDC
Current Rating 100A
Dimension (LxWxH inch) 2.25x1.75x1.25
Approval CE
Warranty 90 days

Note: This SSR needs to be mounted on a heat sink to dissipate heat. For more information, please see this link.

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