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This 16 x 16 x 8” enclosure is for the Electric Brewery Control Panel published by “theelectricbrewery.com” with few small modifications. 
The enclosure comes with an external mounted 80A SSR heat sink. The heat sink mounting of the original design involves several steps of preparation to fit properly. We made a larger heat sink with a clean look. It offers three sets of mounting holes for the SSR. The dimension for the heat sink is 138mm x 260mm x 30mm (5.5" x 10.0" x 1.5"). 
The beige colored paint is very difficult to paint than the black color. Any imperfection of the top paint, or small scratch by the normal use will expose the base color. So, we changed the base paint to a strong and durable industrial flat textured black finish. It makes the final finish paint easier. Or, you can use it without any further paint.
The box is made by 0.060" (1.5 mm) thick steel. The mounting holes for the two chromed handles are not drilled because some customer may not use it. The door comes with a lock and key. The hinges of the door are removable. It can be installed on either right or left side. Gasket, plugs and hangers are provided. The enclosure is designed to be mounted on a wall. You can directly mount it with screws or hang it on the wall with the hangers. 

Small screw holes for socket mounting were not tapped, but left for the user to drill, so that the mounting orientation and screw type option will be more flexible during the installation. The opening for XLR connector is about 22mm.


a. Four controller value bundle options are available: 1) 1 x DSPR310D step mashing EZboil®, 1 X DSPR300 EZboil® and 1 x SYL-2352 ID.  2) 3 x SYL-2352 PIDs (same as theelectricbrewery design). 3) 2 x DSPR300 EZboil® and 1 x SYL-2352 PID. 4) 2 x DSPR300 (EZboil® with relay output). You can use SYL-2352 or SYL-2802 as thermometer. For multi-vessel system, please see here for selection guide. 
b. JSL-73B timer is optional.  
b. For front/bottom panel precut dimensions, please check theelectricbrewery.
c. For international buyers who are internested in this box, please contact us for more shipping options. 
d. Panel caps are available for 1/16 DIN hole and 22mm round hole. Please check here

Front of the box

Bottom of the box

Box inside


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