Plug-n-play Temperature and Humidity Controller


  • Model: TH102


Product Description:


This plug-n-play temperature and humidity controller can be used for sausage curing, green house and incubator applications. It can control both temperature (heating or cooling) and humidity (humidifying or dehumidifying) at the same time. It can display the temperature unit in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The controller has a two-line LED display, two output sockets, one sensor module and one input power cord. The top display shows the measured temperature value and bottom display shows the measured humidity value. The left output socket is for heating/cooling device. Right output socket is for humidifier/dehumidifier. The sensor module contains both temperature and humidity sensor.


Temperature Control Range -40~80 °C, -40~176 °F
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C (between -9.9 ~ 80 °C)
1 °C (between -40 ~ -10 °C)
0.1 °F (between -9.9~99.9 °F )
1 °F (between -40 ~ -10 °F,100 ~176 °F)
Temperature Accuracy 0.5 °C
Temperature Control Mode On/Off Control. Heating or Cooling
Temperature Control Output 15A, 120V or 240V AC *
Humidity Control Range 0~85%RH*
Humidity Resolution 0.1%RH
Humidity Accuracy 3%RH
Humidity Control Mode On/Off Control.
Humidifying or Dehumidifying
Humidity Control Output 15A, 120V or 240V AC *
Operating Temperature 0~50 °C
Dimension 91x140x46mm
Input Power  85 ~242VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Sensor Cable Length 6 ft (2m)
Power Cable Length 3 ft (1m)

Warranty: 1 year for controller. 90 days for sensor


  • Although the controller displays the RH accurately up to 99%, it is not recommended to use it to control the RH at >85% when there is a possibility of water condensation (such as sudden drop of the temperature). When sensor is wet, it could take long time to recover, or result in damage. For high humidity application, please use our TH210 controller.
  • For controlling the RH of curing fridge in high humidity region, such as in the summer season of Florida, or when the set temperature is below the dew point of the ambient environment, opening the fridge door can result in water condensation on the sensor and damage it. We recommend to use our TH210 controller.
  • The controller can display the temperature unit in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Unlike the PID controller we sell, this on/off controller will not hold the temperature as tight if the system has very slow and delayed response. Some temperature overshot is normal.
  • Although both temperature and humidity output can handle up to 15Amp of power,  the combined total power of the two channels are limited to 15A due to the limitation of input power cord.
  • The input power plug is a US 120V NEMA 5-15P plug. The output sock will accept US, Australia, or European continental plug (CEE7/7).

Click here to download instruction manual.

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