25A Solid State Voltage Regulator, High power SCR, SSVR

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The solid state voltage regulator (SSVR) is for manually regulating the AC power. It works in the same way as a dial on an electric stove, or a dimmer for ceiling light. The main difference for the SSVR is that its power handling capability is much larger than a dimmer. A dimmer normally is limited to 5 A, or 600 W at 120 VAC. This SSVR can handle up 25 A. For 120 VAC, that translates to 3000 W, or 6000 W for 240 VAC. The SSVR kit contains a SSVR, a rheostat, and a dial.

Similar to solid state relay (SSR),  SSVR also generates heat when current passing it. Each ampere of current produces about 1.5 W of heat. User needs to mount it to a heat conducting metal surface, or use our SSR heat sink with proper current rating.

The resistance of rheostat required depends on the voltage and frequency of the power to be regulated. When ordering, buyer needs to select the proper value of voltage and frequency for the rheostat.

The dial plate is for reference position of the nub only. It does not represent the percentage of the output because the power outputr is not linear to the dial position. The middle section is more sensitive because of the Sine waveform of the AC power. The rheostat will carry the same voltage it regulates. Wiring should be insulated from contacting metal chasis. 

The SSVR is ideal for resistance load application like heating element and some simple motor application. A lot of AC motor speed regulator application requires torque control, we do not recommend for it. Buyer will purchase at buyer's own risk and warranty is not covered.

Note: This SSVR needs to be mounted on a heat sink to dissipate heat. For more information, please see this link.

Description 25 A SSVR
Manufacture AUBER
Input rheostat 50 Hz: 470 kohm for 220 V.
60Hz: 330 kohm for 240 V; 160 kohm for 120 V 
Maximum  Voltage 480 VAC
Current Rating 25 A
Output Triac
Switching method Phase cut-off
Dimension 2.25 x 1.75 x 1.25 (inch) , 57 x 32 x 45 (mm)
Approval CE
Rheostat accuracy +/- 20 kohm
Rheostat power rating  2 W
Warranty 90 days

Please click here to download the manual. 

Typical Wiring 

Output voltage increases when dial is turned clockwise.
(For decreasing output voltage, please use the pin 1 and pin 2 of the rheostat.)

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