EZBoil Brew In a Bag System Kit (240V 30A 7200W)

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This is a kit to DIY your BIAB (Brew-In-A-Bag) control panel. The circuit is designed for 240 VAC 30 A heating element. In addition to an EZBoil controller, it also has a multi-events timer to help brewers track duration of the whole boiling process. Wiring diagram is available after purchase. 
This kit includes each of the following:
  • A 12 x 10 x 8" enclosure with all precuts for all the controlling parts, a 40 A heat sink and a set of hangers. 
  • A DSPR300 EZBoil controller has both PID mode (for mashing) and conenient knob for for wort boiling.
  • A multi-event timer that can be used either for counting mashing time, or for adding hops at different time point during wort boiling.
  • Two independently controlled 120V outlets for pumps. One for hot water circulation and the other one for chiller.
  • Independent circuit breakers for both 230V and 120V circuits.
  • Independent contactors for each input and output port for extra safety protection.
  • A RTD temperature probe with 8 ft braided cable that provides a more accurate reading of the system.
  • Illuminated 22 mm switches for temperature alarm, timer alarm, water pump and wort pump.
  • Key selector switch for safer operating environment. 
  • Yellow LED for indicating element status. 
  • Flashing Buzzer for high alarm. 
  • DIN Rail components for wiring split. 
  • NEMA L6-30R Flanged Outlet Locking Receptacle for input power and NEMA L6-30R Socket for output heater.
  • Engraved panel tags.
1) This kit is designed for North America AC power line that requires a four lines power connection (L1, L2, N and G). All the input/output connections are NEMA standard type.
2) Although the kit includes UL1077 rated circuit breakers, it is recommended that to hook up this system with a GFCI or Earth Leak protector protected power line because water is involved in the brewing equipment.
3) Wires are not included in the kit. 
4) Input power cord is not included because each user may have different hook up requirement in terms of cable length and connection type. The input power connector is listed as option.
To see the final look of a complete project, please click here
Warranty: 90 days.

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