5 BAR (75 PSI) Gauge Pressure Sensor, 1/8NPT


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Product Description:

This 5 Bar gauge pressure sensor offers a linear output in the 0 to 5 bar (or 0 to 75 psi) range. It can be used for water, oil, and fuel pressure measurement. It can also be used for diesel engine boost pressure measurement (it can't be used for regular gas engine boost measurement because it does not measure vacuum). 

The sensor incorporates the latest MEMS technology and custom Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) technology. It is specifically designed for tough automotive applications to perform in the underhood harsh environment such as temperature extremes, vibration, thermal and mechanical shock, as well as corrosive chemical. 

This sensor has a 1/8" NPT mounting thread. It comes with 2 meter (6 ft) cable.  It is compatible with the SYL-1813/SYL-2813 automobile multimeter. If the cable is not needed, please choose the "Unassembled" option. 



Supply Voltage 4.8-9.3 VDC
Supply Current 10 mA max
Maximum Output Current Sink 1 mA
Source 0.1 mA
Output Impedance 10 Ohms max
Output Type ratio metric
Output Voltage 0.5 VDC for 0.0 Bar,  4.5 VDC for 75 PSI

Sensor Operating Characteristics:

Pressure Range (gauge pressure or relative pressure) 0.0 to 5.0 bar, or 0 to 75 psi 
Proof Pressure 200%FS
Static Accuracy (%FS) 1.5 typ

Environmental Effects:

Compensated Temperature Range -40°C to +150°C
Storage Temperature Range -50°C to +165°C


Media Compatibility Media Compatible with Silicone

Notes:  Static accuracy is the RSS of non-linearity, hysteresis, and non-repeatability

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