Dual-probe Controller for Beer Fermentation

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This controller is for precision temperature control in the beer fermentation process. It contains two temperature probes. One probe is placed in the beer to accurately measure the beer temperatuer, the other probe is placed in the chiller, outside of the tank. This probe is to set the boundary for heating and cooling so that the chiller does not become too cold or too hot during operation. 

This dual-probe controller provides higher precision control than the single-probe controller. The single-probe controller has some limitations: If the probe is placed inside of the liquid, the outer layer of liquid might get too cold during cooling, because the liquid cools much slower than the air surrounding it. During heating, the outer layer of liquid might also get too hot.  If the probe is placed in the chiller (outside of the tank), you may not know the true temperature of the beer inside, because the fermentation is an exothermic process.  For dual-probe controller, when you set the temperature of fermentation at 58 degree, you can set the boundary (chiller temperature for probe 2) at 48 degree. The temperature in the chiller will never get lower than 48 degree during the cooling process.

The controller has two outputs. One for heating and other for cooling. By using both cooling and heating devices, the refrigerator can be controlled at specific temperature regardless in hot summer or cold winter.

Note for sensor: Sensor 1 has four options. 1) 8' free hanging sensor (same as sensor 2); 2) 4", 1/4 NPT liquid tight sensor; 3) 4", 1/2 NPT liquid tight sensor 4) 4", Tri-clamp sensor, which works with all tri-clamp systems that use this size flange, including 1", 1 1/2", 25 mm, 33.7mm and 38 mm system. (In other words, 1", 1 1/2", 25 mm, 33.7mm and 38 mm system have the same flange dimension.). Sensor 2 is 12' free hanging sensor. 

4", 1/2 NPT probe on the top. 4", tri-clamp probe on the bottom. 


Temperature Control Range -50 ~ 120°C, -58 ~ 248°F
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C (between -9.9 ~ 99.9°C);
1°C (between -50 ~ -10°C, 100 ~ 120°C);
0.1°F (between -9.9 ~ 99.9°F);
1°F (between -58 ~ -10 °F, 100 ~ 248°F)
Temperature Accuracy 0.5 °C or 0.9 °F
Temperature Control Mode On/Off Control. Heating and Cooling
Temperature Control Output 10A, 120V or 240V AC *
Audio Alarm High and Low Limit
Sensor Type Silicon Band Gap Sensor
Sensor Size 0.25'’ OD. (6.35 mm), 1'’ Length (25 mm)
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 50°C (-4°F ~ 120°F)
Dimension 3.6'’ x 5.5'’ x 1.8'’ (91 x 140 x 46 mm)
Input Power  85 ~ 242 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Sensor1 Cable Length 8 ft (2.4 m)
Sensor2 Cable Length 12 ft (4 m)
Power Cable Length 3 ft (1 m)
Controller Warranty  One (1) Year

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