Panel mount mini connector for K thermocouple


  • Model: TCCON


Product Description:

Panel mount connectors are useful for small temperature control projects, if you want the temperature probe to be disconnected when not in use. However nowadays, they are hard to find because most manufactures use circuit board mount connectors to reduce the assembly cost.

For accurate temperature measurements, thermocouple cables can’t be connected with connectors made with copper contact, unless both ends of the copper have the same temperature and identical chemical purity. This can be difficult to achieve sometimes because the temperature inside the project box is different than the temperature outside. The contact pin in each side of a connector probably has different chemical compositions because there is no requirement for them to be identical for regular applications. Using connectors specially made for thermocouples will avoid this problem. The contacts of this pair of connectors are made of the same material as the K type thermocouples. Using it will not introduce error to the measurement. This is the best quality connector on the market. The panel jack is held in location by a spring lock. The mating connector contains a cable clamp that helps to secure large diameter cables.

The connection between the panel jack and controller needs to use the same type of thermocouple wire. You can get it just by cutting a short piece of cable from the thermocouple you have before putting the mating connector on it. We also offer K type thermocouple extension wire that can be used for the connection if you don't want to shorten your thermocouple cable. They are listed in the same category of our web page.

This product includes one panel jack connector and one mating male connector.

Mounting dimensions:

Cutout Required 8.1 x 16.7 mm (0.32 x 0.66)"
Centers Horizontally 14.3 mm (0.56")
Centers Row to Row Minimum 23.8 mm (0.94")

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