Compact Box for 1/16 DIN Controller and Timer 3.2x2.4x5.3"


  • Model: Cbox16


Product Description:

This project box can be used for mounting the 1/16 DIN sized controller and timer. It protects the wiring terminals from being touched on accident and prevents dust from getting in.  One of the applications is to host the SYL-2342 to control a freezer. Since most freezers draw less than 10 A current, you can use the internal relay of the controller to drive the compressor directly. The box can be mounted on the side wall of a freezer. This box does not have enough space to hold a 25A contactor. For contactors and SSRs, users can place them on the bottom of the box that contains the heating element. 

The front panel has a 45 x 45 mm pre-cut that fits our 1/16 DIN sized controller. The back panel has a 1/4" hole with rubber grommet. It is for the wires to the controller (power supply, control output, and sensor). Both the front and back panel have a bent edge for mounting. The top of the box can be opened (after unscrew the four screws at front and back top) for easy wiring. The box is made of aluminum finished with silver color powder coating.

Click here for how to cut the instrument panel


Left box shows the front panel 45 x 45 mm cut that fits our1/16 DIN controller. Right box shows the back panel. There is a 1/4" wiring hole with rubber grommet. 

Boxes with controller installed. For model SYL-2362 controller, ASL-51 and ASL-52 timer, the mounting can be horizontal (as shown on the left) or vertical (right).  Due to the bracket size, only vertical mounting is allowed for model SYL-2342 and SYL-2352 controller.

Outer dimensions (W x H x L): 3.15 x 2.36 x5.25" (80 x 60 x134 mm)  
Mounting hole #: 4
Spacing of mounting holes: 2.36 x 6.30" (60 x 160 mm)

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