Liquid tight RTD sensor, 2 in, 1/4 NPT Thread

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This Pt100 RTD temperature sensor is for applications that need liquid tight seal such as beer brewing or biodiesel production. It can be easily installed either on the tank or on the pipeline (with a T joint). The probe body is made of stainless steel. The mounting is 1/4" NPT thread. (it threads well into 1/4" BSPP and BSPT too). This probe has a detachable connector with a spring lock. The detachable cable is convenient for systems that need to be moved for cleaning. It reduces the possibility of breaking the cable when the tank is moved around.  Recently, this probe has been redesigned with a thinner diameter tip.  It reduces the flow restriction when installed on a pipeline.  

Optional Braided Cable and Connector. The standard cable supplied with sensor is shown in the picture above. It is 6 ft (2 meters) long, three color-coded conductor cable with two layers of TEFLON insulation that is very strong and weather resistant. The braided cable added an extra layer of metal braid between the TEFLON layers for more protection. Two cable lengths, 8 ft or 12 ft, are offered. Three different types of panel mount connectors are offered. One is our standard RTD connector (RTDCON), another is a 3-pin XLR connector (XLRCONfemale panel mount XLR), the other is 3-pin XLR connector (XLRCON-Mmale panel mount XLR). For all types of braided cables, the mating connector has a 2 ft 3 inch (700mm) of TEFLON cable installed. Users can use this cable without any soldering work. Please see the picture below for details. Please note: the option for probe without cable is for users that want to use one controller and one cable to control more than one tank. In other words, it is for customers that already have a cable.

Note: Silicone gasket/cap for this probe connector is available here.

Standard Cable Braided Cable with RTD connector

Braided Cable with XLRCON connector (Female Panel Mount)

Braided Cable with XLRCON-M connector (Male Panel Mount)

Click here for extra standard cable.
Click here for extra braided cable with RTD connector.
Click here for extra braided cable with XLRCON connector.
Click here for extra braided cable with XLRCON-M connector.


Accuracy Class A. +/-0.15 ºC at 0.0 ºC
Alpha 0.00385
Probe diameter 3 mm
Probe length 2 " (50 mm) from the tip to the back end of the thread
Maximum temperature 300 ºC

For stainless steel weld bung, please click here.

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