Tri-Clamp Liquid tight RTD Sensor

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These Pt100 RTD temperature sensors are for applications that need liquid tight seal such as beer brewing or biodiesel production.  They can be easily installed on a standard or instrument (short outlet)  tri-clamp (tri-clover) Tee. Three probe length options are offered: 1.38" (35mm for Instruments Tee), 2.36" (60mm for Standard Tee), and 8" (200 mm). The diameer of the flange is 1.988" (or 50.5mm) . It works with all tri-clamp systems that use this size flange, including 1", 1 1/2", 25 mm, 33.7mm and 38 mm system.

The diameter of the Tee can be 1 inch (25mm) or 1.5 inch (38mm).  No threaded adapter is needed to install it. The probe body is made of 304 stainless steel. It has a detachable connector with a spring lock. The detachable cable is convenient for systems that need to be moved for cleaning. It reduces the possibility of breaking the cable when the tank is moved around. 


Accuracy Class A. +/-0.15C at 0.0 C
Alpha 0.00385
Probe diameter 4 mm
Probe length 35mm (for Instruments Tee)
60mm (for Standard Tee)
200 mm
Maximum temperature 300 ºC (572 ºF)

Optional Deluxe Cable. The standard cable supplied with sensor is shown in the above picture. It is 6 ft (2 meters) long, color-coded three-conductor cable with two layers of TEFLON insulation that is very strong and weather resistant. Based on the customer's feedback and request, now we are also offering the deluxe cable for the probe: an 8 ft long or 12 ft long TEFLON insulated cable with stainless steel braid for more protection. This cable also comes with a pair of panel mount connector on the other end. The mating connector of the panel mount connector has 2 ft 3 inch (700mm) of TEFLON cable installed. User can use this cable without any soldering work. Please see the picture below for details.

Deluxe Cable

Probe Installed on Standard Tee

8" (200 mm) probe

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