PID Control Retrofit KIT for Rancilio Silvia w/ screw RTD sensor

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Product Description:

This PID controller kit is designed to retrofit into the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine (May 2000 - May 2006 models). With a PID controller added to the heater control circuit, you can brew water while controlling temperature within ±1°F accuracy. Thus, it will significantly improve the taste of your espresso. User can also easily adjust the brew water temperature to suit their own tastes. With a sleek design and easy installation, the PID controller (after installation) looks like it came with the original coffee machine.

Please note that this kit will only work for Rancilio Silvia manufactured after May 2000 and before May 2006*. The manufacture date of Silvia is printed in the last row of the label on the bottom of the machine. If it says 0506, it means it is made on May 2006. The newer machine does not have the threaded thermowell. If you have a newer machine, you need to purchase our regular kit with a standard RTD sensor RTDstat.

Note*: this is only an approximate range of manufacturing date. Please click HERE for how to identify the manufacture year of Rancilio Silvia.

The kit includes:

  • Custom manufactured PID temperature controller with parameters set for the machine.
  • Controller box with stainless steel panel that matches the brush finish of the machine.
  • Solid state relay with mounting hardware and heat conductive paste.
  • Platinum RTD temperature sensor with tip made for the thermowell on the machine
  • High temperature resistant wires, color coded, cut to length and terminated with proper connectors
  • Digital version installation guide and operation manual with text and photos

To install the kit, users will need the following:

  • Basic knowledge of electronics wiring and safety.
  • Screw driver, pliers, a socket wrench and small amount of alcohol.
  • 40-60 minutes of time.

No requirement for special tools. No requirement to learn how to set up the PID controller (usually, this is the most challenging part of the project for espresso drinkers with no control engineering background).

Unique features:

  • The PID controller in this kit is specifically modified for home espresso brewing applications. Two additional parameters are included to balance the requirements of cold start speed, shot recovery speed and long term stability. Fig 1 is the temperature response curve. Note: this is a different controller than our universal controller SYL-1512.
  • The platinum RTD temperature sensor used is more accurate and has greater long-term stability than thermocouple sensors. Temperature variations within the controller’s environment will not a the accuracy of its reading. The sensor is built inside of a screw and will fit into the existing thermowell on the boiler’s top surface. Our test results show that this provides more accurate temperature measurements and control results than a sensor mounted on the boiler’s top surface iwill.
  • All the cables in the kit have higher temperature endurances than the original cables used by the manufacture. We use color coded cables with either fluoropolymer or silicone insulation. This will prevent the potential electrical shock resulting from PVC insulated wires touching the boiler during operation.
  • This controller is one of the most compact on the market. With a custom made enclosure, the controller can be mounted between the group head and steam wand without interfering with their functionality. This mounting makes "it almost looks like it came with the Silvia!"...... as one of our customer wrote to us.

Compared to buying the controller and components separately, this kit is a great value. It not only offers better performance but also saves you time and money. The kit includes 20 different types of parts that would cost substantially more if purchased separately (26 pieces total). In order to save customer’s time on assembling and reduce the chance of making mistake, we also pre-assembled these parts and set all parameters for the controller. The only work needed to be done by the customer either has to be done during installation or is difficult to ship pre-assembled. This reduces the project time from days (or even weeks considering ordering these parts separately) to less than an hour.


90 days warranty is offered.


The kit works for both 115 VAC and 240VAC. The PID parameter setting is for Fahrenheit units if it is shipped to a US destination. All units shipped outside US will be set for Celsius temperature unit. Please specify if you want it set differently

Rancilio Silvia with PID Kit installed

RTD screw sensor (PT100M4) with M4 thread.

Thermowell with M4 thread for mounting RTD screw sensor (PT100M4).

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