Mini Power Relay SPDT 220/240V 30A


  • Model: R30A-240


Product Description:

This relay provides a simple and economical solution for switching any size 120/240V operated heater or motor. It is single pole, compact, C-form (one normal open, NO, and one normal close, NC), 220/240VAC coil voltage, and rates up to 30A of load. It is shipped with 5 insultaed connector as shown in the picture. The output connector is good for 14 ~ 16 AWG wire. 


Compared with ice cub relay, this relay is more compact and expoxy sealed. All the connection are recessed. When connected with insulated connectors, it can be opreated out side of the controller box.

Compared with using an SSR, the advantage of this relay is compact size, no need for heat sink, no heat dissipation issue, real dry cut off and economical price. The disadvantage is limited life time and has to be switched at lower frequency than the SSR. If you don't need super high precision control (within 1 degree) and don't mind a small clicking sound, this relay is a better choice than the SSR. 


Type Power Relay
Nominal Coil Voltage 220/240V
Contact Form SPDT (1 Form C)
Relay Type 1xNC, 1xNO
Life Expectancy Mechanical 1 x 107
Electrical 1 x 105at 30 A 120 VAC Res. N.O.
Contact Max Current NO/NC 30A/20A at 277VAC
NO/NC 20A/10A at 28VDC
NO/NC 2.0/0.5HP at 250VAC 
Termination Style Quick Connect
Pin Count 5
Operating Temperature -55 to 85 °C (-67 to 185 °F)
Minimum Dropout Voltage >44 VAC
Pick-Up Voltage 187 VAC
Mounting Flange Mount
Dimension 50.2 x 27.5 x 27.8mm (1.97 x 1.08 x 1.09 inch)
Certification UL, CUR file E44211

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