Immersion sensor for G series WS and WSD controller (Sous Vide)


  • Model: WS-SENSOR14


Product Description:

This is a water immersible sensor for sous vide cooking. This sensor fits the G series WS or WSD controllers including model WS-1211GPH, WS-1210GPH, WSD-1500GPH, and WSD-1200GPH. It also supports SMD or WSD-SMD controller. 

The sensor has a very flexible and thin food grade fluoropolymer ribbon cable. The cable is only 0.030" (or 0.7mm ) in thickness. It allows the sensor to be  placed directly in the pot without affecting the closure of the cooker cover.  This will significantly reduce the water evaporation during a long cooking period. It also help to keep the temperature uniform.

Please note, this sensor will not work for A, B, C, and D series WS or WSD controllers (model number WS-XXXXA, WS-XXXXAPH, WS-XXXXB, WS-XXXXC, WSD-XXXXCPH). It does not work for Auber SYL series controllers either.

Sensor type PT1000
Sensor tip dimensions 4 mm diameter x 50 mm long
Sensor cable length 4 ft (1.22 m)
Sensor plug diameter 0.25'' (6.35 mm)

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 17 November, 2015.

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