Punch & Die for Control Panel

These punch and die sets are suitable for creating mounting holes for controllers, switches, indicators, and connectors on the control panel.  They are easier to use than hole saws or jigsaws, and they create holes that have much cleaner edges. 

The punch sets here are either for creating rectangular holes or for round holes. Mounting holes for most of the commonly seen control panel components can be punched using our punch sets. Please see the tables below for dimensions. 
Punch Sets for Rectangular Mounting Holes:
Part# PD-4545 PD-4522 PD-3939 PD-2922 PD-2720 PD-2321
Punch size
45 x 45 45 x 22.5 39 x 39 29 x 22 27 x 20.5 23 x 21.5
Draw stud diameter
22 11 22 11 13 11
Suitable Components 1/16 DIN Controller 1/32 DIN Controller Volt/Amp Meter
DVA-120, DA-100, DV-100)
Rocker Switch
C14 Socket
 5-15R Socket

Punch Sets for Round Mounting Holes:
Part# PD-R57 PD-R52 PD-R45 PD-R22 PD-R18 PD-R16
Punch Diameter (mm) 57 52.5 45 22 18 16
Draw Stud Diameter
20 20 20 11 11 11
Suitable Components
L14-30P Locking Flanged Inlet
L6-30R Locking Flanged Outlet 
L5-15R Locking Flanged Outlet 
Switches, buzzer, XLR (female, panel, XLRCON) XLR
(male, panel, XLRCON-M)
Switches, RTDCON (male, panel), TC connector (TCFEMALE-R, TCCON3)
These punch and die sets are made for hydraulic drive systems. Compatible manual Hydraulic Knockout Punch Driver can be found on eBay in $70 -150 price range. Unlike the manual punch die that needs to be held on a table wise and crank down by manual wrench, punch & die sets for hydraulic system are easier to use. Very little force is needed to crank the hydraulic driver. It also allows you to punch holes in the corner of an enclosure that a manual punch & die can't reach. 

The thickness of the sheet metal that can be punched varies. It depends on the material and the power generated by the hydraulic punch driver. With an 8 ton punch driver, 1/8" (3 mm) thick aluminum sheet, or 0.06" (1.5 mm) thick carbon steel sheet can be punched.  

Please click here to download the instruction

* For customer who can’t find the right size punch for special rectangular cutout or who has a limited budget:  A simple and economical solution is to use a small rectangular punch/die set to nibble the small hole to the right size. Draw out the lines for the cutout hole on the panel first. Use the small rectangular punch to position a hole at the center. Then use the same punch to nibble the hole with several bites until the right sized cutout is achieved.  Compared to the jigsaw solution, “nibble” is safer and creates a cutout with better quality. In addition, smaller punch is usually cheaper than the large one. The most economical small rectangular punch we offer is $110. You can use it to create all of the rectangular or square cutouts that is bigger than its original size.

Product Image Model- Item Name Price
16mm Round Punch Set pd-r16

16mm Round Punch Set

Die size: 16mm Diameter Draw stud diameter: 7/16" (11 mm). It also fits Greenlee hydraulic punch driver. Compatible component cutout: switch (SW9, SW14), RTD connector, Thermocouple connector (TCFEMALE-R,...


7/16" High Speed Steel Drill Bit db-716

7/16" High Speed Steel Drill Bit

This is 7/16" high speed steel drill bit. High speed steel Self-centering brad point reduces "walking" at the drill point and eliminates fracturing and splintering for smooth, accurate holes in wood,...


Monthly Specials For January

1/32 DIN 45x22.5mm Punch Set
1/32 DIN 45x22.5mm Punch Set
$180.00  $140.00
Save: $40.00 off

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