Order and Return
1. How to find the shipping cost?
2. What kind of shipping methods are available?
3. How long it will take to ship the order to me?
4. Delivery time.
5. Where to find my tracking number for my order?
6. Package Arrived Late (US domestic).
7. Where to send your defective item back for warranty?
8. Missing items or parts in your package.  
9. Package is damaged during transit.
10. Why I got an error during checkout with paypal.
11. Error codes and messages for Paypal checkout.
12. Estimated delivery date for FedEx Domestic Express Services

Coffee Machine Kit
1. How to build a kit for my coffee machine?
2. How to uninstall the controller from coffee machine?
3. What should I do if the thermal protection is triggered?

PID Controller
1. Why does the output LED of the PID controller blink?
2. How long does it take for a controller to auto-tune?
3. Why I can not set the cycle time to 1 second for SSR output?
4. How to calibrate a controller?

Solid State Relay and Contactor
1. Which relay should I use, solid state relay or mechanical relay?
2. Which SSR should I chosse?
3. Do I need a heat sink for the SSR?
4. Can I test a SSR with a multimeter?

1. What can I use to extend my RTD wire?
2. What can I use to extend my thermocouple wire?
3. How to join the thermocouple extension wire?
4. The measurement on the controller is not consistent with other standard, is my controller or thermocouple (TC) defective?
5. How to use a switch to select sensor input (wiring examples)?

Automobile Gauge
1. Can the automobile gauge SYL-1813 work with more than one probe?
2. Can I use VDO sensor for the automobile gauge?

Charcoal Smoker Controller
1. HeaterMeter/LinkMeter

1. Use timer to work with our controller

DIN Rail components
1. FAQs about DIN Rail circuit breaker.

1. How to select switches? Click here

Shipping & Return & Warranty
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Application Recommendation

1. Recommendation for home brewing. 
2. Recommendation for incubator.
3. Recommendation for refrigerator control.
4. Recommendation for powder coating oven.
5. Recommendation for kiln control.
. Recommendation for electric smoker.
7. Recommendation for hydrographic printing.
8. Recommendation for lead melting pot.
9. Recommendation for auto draw-off system.

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