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PID Controller With Built-in Timer
This PID controller has a built-in timer. It is suitable for process that requires both precision temperature and time control, a very common requirement for many temperature related applications. For example, it can be used for powder coating oven or food cooking oven. Heat transfer printing is another example. The timer can also be used independently from the temperature control. e.g. User can use the PID for temperature control of the espresso machine and timer for the brew pump or dosing coffee grinder.
The  temperature control function offers three temperature control modes: PID, on/off and manual. The PID mode is useful for precision temperature control applications. The manual mode is like a dial on the stove that control the power output independent of the temperature. It is a useful feature for controlling the boiling of water used for beer brewing process. The on/off control is suitable for devices that does not like to be switched too frequently such a solenoid valve or refrigerator compressor. In addition to the on/off control, when used for cooling control, this controller also offer the "Anti-Short Cycle Delay (ASd) function that further protect the compressor from over pressure start. It allows the user to set a specific minimum delay time that prohibit the compressor to start after it was turned off.
The timer has eight different working modes.
Three of them are correlated with the temperature control. The first two start the timer when temperature reaches the set point. When time is reached, it will turn on the alarm relay. One mode will also shut off the heater at the same time. The third mode The timer starts after the temperature reaches set point. When set time reaches, it will shut off the heater. Relay pulls in when timer starts and drops out when it reaches the set time.

The other 5 modes allow the timer to work totally independent of the temperature controller. It can be set to time delayed relay pull-in, time delayed relay drop-out, time delayed relay pull-in and drop out, repeat pull-in and drop-out or repeat drop-out and pull-in.
The timer can be reset and start by a switch connected to the reset terminals without powering off the controller. The timer function can also be deactivated so that controller functions as regular 1/16 DIN dual display controller. When alarm relay is not used for timer action, it can be used as temperature alarm. The alarm can be set for high, low, deviation high or deviation low alarm.
Two control output configurations are offered. SWA-2441 has a 10 A relay contact output. It can be used for controlling an external contactor. It can also be used for driving a small heater or freezer directly if the current is less than 10A. SWA-2451 has a pulsed DC output for controlling the external SSR.

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Main Specification

  SWA-2441(For Relay Output) SWA-2451(For SSR Output)
Input type Thermocouple: K, E, J, T, S. RTD: Pt100,
Input range K (-20~2300ºF), S (-20~2900ºF), T (-190~750ºF), E (-20~1290ºF),
J (32~1800ºF), Pt100 (-200~1100ºF)
Display Two lines, Four digits. Temp & Time, or Temp & Set Temp.
Display Resolution Temp 1°C, °F and 0.1 °C. °F, Time: 1 Sec., 1 Min.
Accuracy Temperature: ±0.5% of full input range. Timer: 1 sec.
Control mode Temperature: PID, Manual control, On-Off,
Time: Timed PID, Timed On-Off, Independent Timer
Timer mode Single delay, Double delay, Count up, Count down,
Timer range 1-9999 sec. 1-9999 min.
Control Output NO contacts:
10A at 240VAC, 10A at 30VDC
12VDC, 50 mA
Alarm Timer, Process high/low alarm, deviation high/low alarm
Alarm output Relay: 5A at 240VAC, 10A at 120VAC, or 3A at 30VDC
Power supply
voltage rating
Dimension 1.89 x 1.89 x 4.25", or 48 x 48 x108mm (1/16 DIN).
Insertion depth from front panel: 3.95" or 100 mm
Panel cutout 1.75x1.75" or  44.5 x 44.5 mm.

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