Economic PID Controller for Sous Vide, Cooling

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  • Model: ECT-100A


Product Description:

Note: TD120 with PID mode (heating only) is also available upon request

This economical plug-n-play controller can be used for sous vide cooking, and other low temperature heating control (<221F or 105C). It offers PID mode for heating control as well as on/off control mode. The PID mode is suited for precision temperature control such as sous vide cooking. The on/off control is suited for controlling devices that does not like to be switched too frequently such as the compressor of the refrigerator. 

This controller uses electromechanical relay for the power output switching. Although the electromechanical relay makes a little click switching sound and is not as long lasting as the sold state relay (SSR), it does not require a heat dissipation device as the SSR does.  Using the electromechanical relay significantly reduces the size of the controller and the its cost. It is perfect for occasionally sous vide cooker and refrigerator applications.

A digital silicon band gap sensor is used for this controller. It can be immersed over extended period of time. It also has a more uniform accuracy over an entire specified temperature range. In addition, the cable of the sensor comes with food grade silicone insulation, as compared to PVC jacket used on most of other sensors on the market. Silicone is safer than PVC for food application, especially when immersed in the solution that contains alcohol, because the flexible PVC contains plasticizer that is easier to leach out in alcohol. Silicone will withstand higher temperature also.

Bottom View of Controller. 
Power Output Socket and Sensor Socket.

·         Compact size, plug-n-play, no wiring required
·         Three control modes: PID heating, on/off heating, on/off cooling.
·         High precision and durable silicon bandgap sensor with silicone cable
·         Display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature unit
·         120V AC up to 1200 W, or 240V AC up to 1900 W.


Temperature Control Range -50 ~ 105°C, -58 ~ 221°F
Temperature Resolution 1°F or 1°C 
Temperature Accuracy 0.5°C or 0.9°F
Temperature Control Mode  Heating: PID, ON/OFF. Cooling: ON/OFF
Temperature Control Output 10A 120V or 8A 240V AC *
Audio Alarm High and Low Limit
Sensor Type Silicon Band Gap Sensor
Sensor Size Diameter 0.25” OD (6.35 mm) x 1"(25 mm) long
Ambient Temperature -20 ~ 50°C (0°F ~ 120°F)
Dimension 3.4 x 4.7 x 1.75” (86 x120 x 45 mm)
Input Power  85 ~242VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Sensor Cable Length 6ft (2m)
Power Cable Length 3ft (1m)
Enclosure Color Black
Warranty One (1) Year

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