Temperature Controller for Vision Grill (Series B) & Small BGE

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This PID controller is for controlling the temperature of Vision Grill Series B smokers. It also fits the small Big Green Eggs and 24" Pit Boss Ceramic.  It will regu­late the on/off time interval of the blower to stabilize the temperature in the charcoal smoker. To find out which Vision Grill you have, please click here.

The system includes:

  1. Controller with artificial intelligent enhanced PID control program. It has a bright LED for outdoor use. It has a built-in buzzer that can be set for bot­h low limit and high limit alarm. Developed by industrial control engineers, this controller utilizes an advanced AI (artificial intelligence) enhanced PID algorithm that can hold the cooking temperature within a tight range and prevent temperature overshooting from disturbances such as opening/closing the pit lid, wind, sun, and ambient temperature drops.
  2. AC to 12VDC adapter with 1A maximum output. Note: we only carry adapters for two major plugs used worldwide: NEMA1-15 and CEE7/16. For US and most international orders we will ship the adapter for NEMA1-15 by default. For European continental countries we will ship the adapter for CEE7/16. Customers in some countries may need to find a plug converter in local electronic stores to make the adapter fit into their socket.
  3. K type thermocouple with alligator clip that can be easily attached to the rack.
  4. An adapter plate for the Vision Series B Grill and small Big Green Egg smoker.
  5. A snap-on blower that can be installed on the Vision Grill. This unique design (patent pending) is much easier to install than the other product on the market. Click here to see how easy it is to install or remove the blower. .
  6. 6" of High temperature aluminum foil tape for blocking unused venting holes.

1. Optional Li-ion battery pack is offered. Please check 
here for more details.
2. Optional inline power switch cord is offered. Please check here for more details.


AC adapter 100-240V, 50/60Hz input. 12 VDC, 1 Amp output
Power consumption <3.2W. Draws about 0.26A current with 6.5CFM blower
Accuracy 0.2% full scale
SSR output for Fan 12VDC, 1 Amp*
LED display 0.39 inch tall, Bright red
Alarm Two set points with buzzer sound
Sensor K type thermocouple with 6 ft (2 meters) cable.
TC-K6A:  -300~900°F (-200~482 °C).
TC-K3MM-C: -300~900°F (-200~482 °C) **
Control Mode PID, On/off, Limit
Controller Operating Temperature 0~160°F (-20 ~ 70°C)
Controller dimension 2.8x3.5x1.2" (70x90x30mm)
Blower maximum flow rate 6.5 CFM
Blower opening 0.8x1.0" (20x27 mm)
Maximum venting hole
size for snap-on mounting
1.2" (32 mm)
Flange outer dimension 1.6 x2.0" (40x 50 mm)
Flange mounting hole Distance 25 x 41 mm, hole size,3 mm in diameter

• Warranty: 1 year for controller and blower, 90 days for sensor

*The maximum air flow rating (rated at zero static pressure) may not reflect the true performance of the blower for this application. The static pressure rating is also important. The fan used in Auber blower is from one of the highest quality fan manufacturer. When compared with a 5 CFM blower from competitor, our 6.5 CFM blower moves more than twice the air mass in the real application condition. It is comparable to the performance of the 10 CFM blower from other manufacturer.

Included in the kit (the sensor shown is TC-K6A. Probe TC-K3MM-C is also available)




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• Note to customers: The products depicted are products of Auber Instruments Inc. They are not associated with and are not endorsed by Big Green Egg ®.  

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