Thermocouple Based Smoker Controller


  • Model: WS-1510DPMS


Product Description:

This is a K type thermocouple sensor based plug-n-play controller. Compared to the other thermistor and RTD sensor based models, the sensor is more durable and robust, It can control the temperature up to 900 °F (500 °C), which is much higher than the other smoker controllers can do. This plug-and-play PID temperature controller can handle up to 15A current (1800W at 120V AC) . It is for controlling the temperature of electric smokers. This controller uses a PID algorithm to automatically adjust power to the heater, in order to compensate for these disturbances of the content in the smoker, the ambient temperature, the wind speed, the ambient humidity, and even the direction of sunshine. This temperature control can hold the smoking temperature within 2-3 degrees precision.

Operating the temperature controller is easy: plug the smoker to the socket of the controller on the back, drop the sensor into smoker from the top venting hole, turn on the controller and smoker, and set the cooking temperature and timer. When finished, the alarm will tell you the food is ready.
This model has a 6-step programmable temperatures function. It can set each step of smoking to different temperatures and duration. The duration of each step can be set from 1 to 9999 minutes. This function is useful for recipes that need to start at low temperatures and finish at higher temperatures. For example: You can program the temperature to start at 120 °F for 90 minutes of smoking, rise to 132 °F for 150 minutes and finish at 175 °F for 60 minutes for smoked salmon (see pictures of my results below). It will save you time waiting by the smoker to change the settings manually when each step is finished.


Smoker in action. Holding the temperature at 140 °F.

Application example, 

Smoked salmon

The temperature profile is programmed to start at 120 °F for 90 minutes of smoking, rise to 132 °F for 150 minutes and finish at 175 °F for 60 minutes. The recipe is from Kummok:


Front view of the controller

Back view of the controller


Input voltage 100 to 240 VAC 50 /60 Hz
Output voltage Same as the input
Maximum Current 15A at 120V, 12A at 240V
Fuse Size 15A Fast blow
Control Action Heating (reversed action) or cooling (direct action)
Control Mode PID, PI, PD P or On/off
Output switching device Built-in optically isolated solid state relay with zero voltage crossing switching
Sensor Input K type thermocouple
Alarm High limit alarm and Open loop alarm with LED and buzzer
Timer Range 1 to 9999 minutes for each step, 6 steps total
Temperature resolution 1 °C or 1 °F
Maximum working
500 °C (900 °F)*
Temperature accuracy 0.02% +1°C (0.02% +2°F)
Dimension 6x3x8.3 inch (155 x80x210 mm) W x H x D
Weight 3.2 lb (1.5 kg) without power cord
Warranty 1 year for controller. 90 days for sensor

*limited by K type thermocouple temperature sensor

The controller is shipped with one following probe. 

TC-K3MM-C for 900 °F 

If your application requires a different sensor, please order them from the following listing. We will put a mini connector for the thermocouple you ordered.

Please click here to download the instruction manual

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