PID controller for Large Smoker, Dual Probes 240V 7000W

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This plug-and-play PID temperature controller is for controlling the temperature of larger smoker powered by 240 VAC. Up to 7000 watts heating element can be used.  It has two temperature probes. One for controlling the smoker cabinet temperature and other for monitoring the food temperature. 

This controller uses PID algorithm to automatically adjust power to the heater to compensate disturbances from sun light and wind. It can hold the smoking temperature within one degree. The temperature setting is programmable up to 6 steps. The first temperature probe is used to control the temperature of smoker cabinet. The second pointed probe can be inserted into the food to monitor internal temperature. The ending criteria of each step can be determined by either preset time, or preset internal food temperature.  For cooking small sized foods or smoking the surface of the food, users can use the preset time as a reference point to finish the step. Using the internal temperature as the reference point is important for cooking large size food because it is difficult to know how much time is needed. For example: You can program the temperature to start at 120 °F for 1.5 hour of smoking, rise to 132 °F for 2.5 hours and finish at 190 °F until the internal temperature reaches 170 F. Then, the controller can either turn on a buzzer to let you know the food is ready, or drop the temperature to a lower set point to keep the food warm until you are ready to serve it. This will save you time waiting by the smoker to change the settings manually when each step is finished. The program function can also been turned off so that user can use it as single set point controller for simple operation. The controller has the ability to store up to 8 temperature profiles for different recipes, so you can save your favorite for next cooking.
The controller also has two synchronized AC outputs that can be used to turn on and off the smoker generator and water chiller with the program step(s). Each one can be synchronize with one programming step.  For example, user can turn on a smoker generator at step 1 of the cooking. Then, let the other output to control a water chiller to cool the food at the last step of the cooking.

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This controller has two sensor input connectors, one L6-30R 240VAC power output socket for heating element, and two 5-15R 120VAC power output sockets for smoker generator and/or water chiller. It requires a 4 conductor power input cord (L1, L2, Neutral and Ground). The input power cord needs to be hard wired to the internal terminals. One main switch is provided to turn whole system ON/OFF.
This controller has comes with two probes: Probe 1, which measures the temperature in the smoker cabinet, and Probe 2, which measures the food internal temperature (WS-SENSOR12). For the Probe 1, you can choose from one of the following probes with different mounting method: the free hanging probe (WS-SENSOR10A), wall-mount probe (WS-SENSOR11) and clip-on probe (WS-SENSOR13). The free hanging probe can be fed through the venting hole on the smoker; the wall-mount sensor has a pair of Nylon screw and nut so the probe can be tightened to the wall of a smoker; Clip-on sensor comes with an alligator clip that can be clipped on to the smoker grill or a frame. Please choose your probe 1 in sensor type option accordingly. By default, we ship the free hanging probe as Probe 1.  


Input Type RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector): PT1000
Input Range PT1000: -328 ~752F, or -200 ~400C
Accuracy ± 0.2% Full scale
Response Time 0.5s
Display Resolution 1 ° C, 1 ° F
Control Mode PID control
Output Mode Relay contact (NO): 120V/10A
Main output current: 30A (7000W/240VAC)
Note: Total current output is 30A.
Alarm External buzzer
Alarm Function Cabinet probe high & low alarm, Food probe high alarm
Power Supply 4-prong 240VAC/60Hz
Ambient Temp. 0~50ºC, 32~122ºF
Box Dimension 250 x 200 x 150 mm

Hanger included. 
Warranty: 1 year for controller
Lead time: 1 week for this product.  
We also sell the parts (without wiring for this control panel). The kit of parts can be found at here.

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