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This plug-and-play PID temperature controller is for controlling the temperature of the electric smokers, such as Smokin-it®, Smokin Tex, Masterbuilt Smoker. It uses a PID algorithm to automatically adjust power to the heater to compensate disturbances from sun light and wind. It can hold the smoking temperature within one degree precision. App-based WIFI support is added to this model. 


  • Backlid LCD display
  • Multi-steps programmable cooking temperature profile.
  • Most durable and accurate probes.
  • Up to three probes readout. 
  • App based Wi-Fi interface for remote control.
  • Easy to set up Wi-Fi configuration. 

This controller has three temperature sensor ports, 6 programmable steps, and an AC output that is synchronized with program step(s). Users can use the first probe to control the temperature of smoker cabinet. The second pointed probe can be inserted into the food to monitor internal temperature. Optional third probe can be used to monitor one more internal temperature. The ending criteria of each step can be determined by either preset time, or preset internal food temperature (second probe). For cooking small sized foods or smoking the surface of the food, users can use the preset time as a reference point to finish the step. Using the internal temperature as the reference point is important for cooking large size food because it is difficult to know how much time is needed. For example: You can program the temperature to start at 120 °F for 1.5 hour of smoking, rise to 132 °F for 2.5 hours and finish at 190 °F until the internal temperature reaches 170 F. Then, the controller can either turn on a buzzer to let you know the food is ready, or drop the temperature to a lower set point to keep the food warm until you are ready to serve it. This will save you time waiting by the smoker to change the settings manually when each step is finished. The synchronized AC output can be used to turn on and off the smoker generator with the program step(s). For example, you can program the smoker to dry the sausage at 140F until the internal temperature reaches 100F (step 1), turn on a smoker generator for 2 hours at 150F (step 2), then, turn off the generator to continue the next step. Up to two program steps can by synchronized with the AC output.

Wi-Fi Connection:

This controller can be operated via your smartphone through the Wi-Fi connection. The app based interface is more user friendly with more functions. It gives user a feeling that the phone is integrated as a part of controller. The Wi-Fi connectivity provides several advantages and features than controllers without Wi-Fi connection. 

1) Access the device remotely. It allows you to check the temperature readings, or change settings from your smart phone at anytime from anywhere (yes, anywhere!) as long as you have cellular or Wi-Fi internet access. You’ll be able to monitor the device when you are not at home, or doing grocery shopping.
Easy to view and analyze the performance. Our app offers graphic plots to show the temperature and output data over the time. You can also export the data to a CSV file for further analysis.
2) User-friendly interface. Setting up the control parameters through the app is much easier than doing it from the controller. On the controller, the information can be displayed is very limited and using the four-key input is cumbersome. In addition, to change parameters you might have to check the manual from time to time to learn what do these parameters do. In contrast, when you change settings from AuberSmart app, the function and the setting range of each parameter will be denoted on the screen to save the hustle of checking the operation manual. 
3) An integrated solution. The AuberSmart app makes the smart phone as one part of the controller system. The system has more functions and easier to operates.  Moreover, you can manage multiple devices from the AuberSmart device family just with a few clicks. Instead of using one app for only one type of device, our smart phone app is the central control console for different types of AuberSmart devices. You will get a better user experience than web based interfaces of other Wi-Fi enabled devices.
4) Easy to configure Wi-Fi connection (Video: Android, iOS). In the old days, configuring a Wi-Fi enabled device to the internet was a complicated task. It required knowledge of networking and usually took several steps. Now with the new technology we used, the configuration is much simple. Once you put the controller in Wi-Fi configuration mode (by pressing two keys for 5 seconds), all you need to do is entering your Wi-Fi password from your phone and click “add device” button, which is much easier than doing it from the keypad on a controller. The app will finish configuring the device within one minute.

Temperature Probe: 
This controller has comes with two probes by default: Probe 1, which measures the temperature in the smoker cabinet. Two types of cabinet sensors are offered. 1) The original free-hanging sensor (WS-SENSOR17) can feed through the venting hole and provide very accurate temperature reading. 2) The wall mount sensor (WS-SENSOR20) that makes the system looks neat. and Probe 2, which measures the food internal temperature (WS-SENSOR18). Probe 3 is optional. Please check probe 3 option above accordingly. 
WS-SENSOR17, free-hanging probe, stainless steel braided cable
WS-SENSOR20, wall-mount probe, teflon braided cable

WS-SENSOR18, food internal probe

Back view of the controller


Input voltage US 120V, European 220V, 50/60 Hz
Output voltage Same as the input
Maximum Current 15A for 120V AC, 12A for 220V AC. 5A for the smoke generator output
Controller Mode PID, PI, PD or P
Output switching device Built-in optically isolated solid state relay with zero voltage crossing switching
Sensor type PT1000 RTD sensor
Control probe 4 mm diameter x 40 mm long
Food internal temperature probe 4 mm diameter x 150 mm
Probe cable length 6 ft. (1.83 meter) (both of them)
Power cable length 3 ft. (0.91 meter)
Timer range 6 steps with 0.1 to 99.9 hours for each step
Temperature resolution 1 °C or 1 °F
Temperature display unit Celsius or Fahrenheit
Temperature display range -40-400 °C, or -40-750 °F
Minimum Control Temperature 5 °C (9 °F) above ambient with smoker generator off, 22 °C (40 °F) above ambient with smoke generator on.
Maximum Control Temperature 350 °C (660 °F)
Temperature accuracy +/-1°C
Dimension 6x3x8.3 inch (150x80x210 mm) WxHxD
Weight 3.2 lb (1.4 kg)

Warranty: 1 year for controller. 90 days for sensors

Click here to download instruction manual
Click here to download supplementary manual for WiFi setup

Click here to download wall mount sensor installation guide
Click here to download wiring guide for bradley smoker
App for Andriod 
App for iOS

WiFi Setup Video (AndroidiOS)

1) For Bradley Digital Smoker owners, an extra power cord is needed for the smoker generator. You can either purchase an extra power cord by checking the box for "extra 18 AWG power cord" (NEMA 5-15P to C13 Power Cord), which is above "sensor type option" or using a regular computer power cord of your own.

2) The socket for smoke generator is a C13 female connector which is different from the NEMA 5-15 socket for heater. It will prevent users from mixing up these two sockets ; If you need to use the smoker generator output but do not have the cable with C13 plug (Bradley Smoker already has the correct cable),  you can order the optional C13 to C14 power cord. Or if you need to control a device such as a more than 10 years old Bradley Somker generator,  you may need a C14 to NEMA5-15R power cord.  You can order the optional power cord by clicking the "Power Cord Option" at the top of this page.

Power cord, C13 plug on the left, C14 plug on the right.         NEMA5-15R plug on the left, C14 plug on the right


3) For customer outside of North America,
  • This controller has US input plug and output socket that meet the NEMA 5-15 standard. For international order, users can get a converter from local electronics store to convert the connection. 
  • For countries that use 220-240VAC power line, the maximum control power of this controller is 2800 Watts.

For new users who are looking for recipe examples or programming tutorials, please go to SmokinTalk; it is a website built up by an experienced user who is interested in sharing his smoking stories with other smoking hobbyists.

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