Wall mount sensor for H series WSD controller


  • Model: WS-SENSOR20


Product Description:

This sensor is designed to be mounted on the back wall of the smoker cabinet. Comparing with the free-hanging, the wall mount sensor makes the smoker looks neater. Once it is mounted, you don’t need to worry about the sensor location again. However, mount this sensor means that you need to drill a 5/16” diameter hole on the back wall of the smoker (not a plug-n-play operation). In most situations, the reading of both type of sensors are identical. But when the cabinet is empty, the reading of the wall mount sensor might be 3 to 4˚F higher than the free hanging sensor located in the center. This is because the heater is located in the bottom back. When there is no food on the shelf, the hot air will take a short cut to the top along the back wall. A unique design of the sensor is the thermoplastic mounting base. It slows down the heat sink effect of the sheet metal wall which causes the sensor reading lower than actual temperature. The length and diameter of the sensor are also optimized for the accuracy and response speed.

This probe is only compatible with H series controller including WSD-1500H-W. It does not work for A, B, C, D, G series WS or WSD controllers (e.g., model WS-XXXXA, WS-XXXXAPH, WS-XXXXB, WS-XXXXC, WSD-XXXXCPH, WS-12XXGPH, WSD-1200GPH, WSD-1501GPH). It does not work for Auber SYL series controllers either.


Sensor type PT1000
Maximum mounting thickness 1” (25 mm)
Sensor tip dimensions 5/32" diameter, ~3" long (4 mm  x 90 mm )
Sensor cable length  6 ft (1.83 m)


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