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Product update: This product is currently out of stock. Alternative 12V Li-ion battery pack can be purchased from other vendors (Amazon Link). Auber has tested this 12V/8300mAh battery pack, which has enough capacity to power our BBQ controller with fan for a regular smoking or BBQ process.

This Li-ion rechargeable battery pack can be used to power our SYL-1615/SYL-2615 series charcoal smoker controllers. It allows you to run the controller in places where the AC power is not readily available.  The pack is very light in weight and compact in size. It weights less than 20%  of a SLA battery (sealed lead acid) of the same capacity. It provides sufficient power to run the smoker for more than 20 hours

This battery pack is custom built for this application. High quality cells are used for durability and safety. The charge capacity claimed on this pack is the true capacity, which has been extensively tested in our laboratory (in contrast, many of the battery packs on the market have inflated capacity claim, ranging from 30% to 300% more than the true capacity). The running time of a fully charged battery with a specific blower is listed in the table 1. With our battery, you won’t need to worry about if your fully charged battery might die in the middle of cooking to ruin the whole party. The battery comes charger. A 3 feet long output cable with proper connctor for the controller is included.

Battery pack AUB6500 has 12V DC output for the controller system and 5V USB output to charge your camera, smartphone or other electronic devices. (You can “kill two birds with one stone”). This pack provides sufficient power to run our 6.5 CFM system for 45 hr. It also has a gauge that tells you how much power the pack remains. It also comes with a high quality faster charger.

Model# AUB6500
Capacity (mAH/5V) 15000
Capacity (mAH/12V) 6500
Run Time, SYL-1615
6.5 CFM (Hr) 25
10 CFM (Hr) 25
20 CFM (Hr) 14
Run Time, SYL-1615
6.5 CFM (Hr) 45
10 CFM (Hr) 45
20 CFM (Hr) 27
Table 1. Run time test.

1) All data of the running time are obtained by real system testing. Our tests showed that the run time does not vary much for the ambient temperature range from 0 ~ 80 F. The test result at 0 degree F is different than some of the reported data. We believe that was due to the heat generated in the battery during discharge. However, we don’t recommend charging or storing the battery below 60 or above 100F. It may shorten the battery’s life.

2) The “Run Time (Minimum)” is the time that battery will last if the blower is running at 100% continuously. This is how we tested these batteries. However, in the real situation, the blower will never be running at 100% without stop. In most systems, the blower will be on between 25-50% of time. The “Run Time (Average)” is calculated assuming the blower is only on 50% of time. The run time may vary according to the size of smoker, the temperature set point, and the environmental condition.

Click here for AUB6500 Manual

Capacity: 6500mAH/12V, 15000mAH/5V or 82WH
Voltage input: 12.6VDC
Voltage output: 12VDC (barrel), 5VDC (USB)
Dimension: 124x73x29 mm (4.9x2.9x1.2”)
Battery weight: 0.37kg (12.9oz)
AUB6500 Charger:
Input voltage: 110-240VAC
Output voltage: 12.6VDC
Output maximum current: 1A

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