High Temperature Thermocouple for Kiln

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This thermocouple is for kilns used for firing ceramics as it has the highest temperature rating for a K type thermocouple. It is designed for operating continuously at 2300 °F (1300 °C), or the cone 6-temperature. This high quality OEM probe is the same probe used in many US made commercial kilns.

The thermocouple is supplied with a probe, ceramic terminal block and 6 ft thermocouple extension wire.

This thermocouple is designed for use with electric kilns only. To be used with a fuel heated kiln (reducing environment), you also need to purchase a Ceramic Sheath for Kiln thermocouple. If you need additional ceramic insulator, please check TC-K-KLNCI.


Probe Length 12 inch (305 mm, or 340 mm tip to end), or 6" (152mm, 187 mm tip to the end). 
It can be shortened by the user.
Probe outer diameter 0.465 inch. (11.8 mm)
Thermocouple extension wire gauge 20 with PVC insulation.  Length 6 ft. (~2 meter)
Maximum working temperature 2300F (1300 C), cone 6
Terminal block dimension 5/8” thick single block. Oval shape. 2.15“wide and 1.5” tall

Two different probe wire diameters are offered, gauges 11 and 8. The gauge 11 wire probe has faster response time for more precision temperature control. On the other hand, the gauge 8 wire probe is the most durable out of all our K type probes. It is the thickest wire available for the K type probe (0.128 inch, or 3.25 mm OD). Please select the probe wire diameter below when ordering.

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