Multi-purpose Enclosure with all Pre-cut 12x10x8"

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Product Description:

This 12 x 10 x 8" enclosure is made by 0.060" (1.5 mm) thick steel. The door comes with a lock and key. The hinges of the door are removable and can be installed on either right or left side. Gasket, plugs and hangers are also provided. So that the enclosure can be easily mounted on a wall with screws or hanged on the wall with the hangers. 

All the openings on the enclosure is originally designed for our 50A powder coating oven controller KIT with light and fan control (KIT-PCO2-LF). But it can also be used for other applications such as beer brewing, distill, kiln control and etc. 

The front panel of enclosure has the following precuts:

The bottom of enclosure has the following precuts: 

  • (1) 16mm round hole: round-shape K type thermocouple sensor panel mont connector (TCFEMALE-R).
  • (1) 36mm round hole: strain-relief power grip for 50/60A power cord (PCCON-50A).
  • (2) 23x21.5mm rectangular holes: NEMA 5-15R socket for US 120V 15A (OUTS1).
  • (2) 39.7mm round holes: NEMA L6-30R 240V 30A outlets (L6-30R).

The side of the enclosure has (1) 40x49.5mm precut for 2-pole breaker switches: SWMD-DR or SWM-DR-C.

The two 45x45mm precuts on the front panel can be used for either of the combinations below:

  1. 1 x controller + 1 x timer: powder coating oven or distill control system.
  2. 2 x controller: RIMS beer brewing setup.
  3. 1 x controller + 1 x thermometer: kiln control and monitoring system.

To use the enclosure with PT100 RTD sensor, the sensor connector opening (16mm) on the bottom needs to be enlarged to 20mm to fit XLRCON-M connector.

Note: Panel caps are available for 21x23mm rectagular hole and 22mm round hole. Please check here


Side View


Internal View.

Bottom View.

 Top View, without Heatsink Installed (Left) Optional Hanger (Right)

How to mount two SSRs on BHS60A heat sink 

Assembled View.

This is a control box built for a 50A, 240V powder coating oven. The front panel includes 1 x PID controller, 1 x timer, 2 x element switch, 1 x reset button for timer, 1 x light switches, 1 x fan switch,  2 x alarm switches, 2 x element indicator, 1 x flashing buzzer, and 1 x alarm indicator. The top is mounting with 1 x 60A heat sink. And the side is installed with 1 x 2-pole breaker switch.

The bottom of this control panel included 1 x K Type thermocouple panel mount connector in round shape, 1 x Strain-relief power grip for hard-wiring power cord, 2 x NEMA 5-15R 120V 15A US Sockets, 2 x NEMA L6-30R 240V 30A heater outlets.

Click here to download enclosure drawing diagram.

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