Multi-purpose Enclosure with all Pre-cut 10x8x6"

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Product Description:

This controller enclosure measures 10 x 8 x 6" (250 x 200 x 150 mm). The box is made of powder coated, 0.040" (1 mm) thick steel. The door comes with lock and key. The hinge of the door are removable. It can be installed on either right or left side. This allows the user put the pre-cut opening either on top or at the bottom without changing the door opening directions.  Gasket and plugs are provided. The enclosure is designed to be mounted on a wall. You can directly mount it with screws or hang it on the wall with the optional hangers. For high power circuit, wall mount box is preferred because the heavy cords (14 AWG or thicker) are difficult to manage with a table top enclosure. 
 The box has a pre-cut hole on the top for external heatsink. If you are going to use SSR instead of contactor as the switching device, you can order the optional external mounted heat sink. The external mounted heat sink eliminates the venting requirement of the enclosure for internally mounted heat sink. It is more efficient and keeps the internal of the controller box free from the dust. Two different sizes of heat sink are offered, 40 A and 60A. The 40A heat sink is about  the 1 inch narrower and 1/4" shorter. Both heat sink come with pre-drilled and tapped mounting holes for the box and SSR. 60A heat sink has mounting holes for two SSRs. Mounting screws and thermal conductive grease are included. There is no need to cut for installing the heat sink. Please select the heat sink size option when ordering. 

The front panel of enclosure has the following precuts:

The bottom of enclosure has the following precuts: 

  • (1) 16mm round hole: round-shape K type thermocouple sensor panel mont connector (TCFEMALE-R).
  • (1) 28mm round hole: strain-relief power grip for 30A power cord (PCCON-30A).
  • (2) 23x21.5mm rectangular holes: NEMA 5-15R socket for US 120V 15A (OUTS1).
  • (1) 39.7mm round holes: NEMA L6-30R 240V 30A outlets (L6-30R).

To use the enclosure with PT100 RTD sensor, the sensor connector opening (16mm) on the bottom needs to be enlarged to 20mm to fit XLRCON-M connector.

Note: Panel caps are available for 21x23mm rectagular hole and 22mm round hole. Please check here

Front View.

Internal View

Bottom View

Top View, without Heatsink Installed

Optional Hanger

Assembled View (Front).


Assembled View (Bottom).

Click here to download enclosure drawing diagram.

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