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RDK-200 is the economical version of our 2nd generation controller for the hot runner coil heater. It can be used to precisely control the temperature of a hot runner coil. It is accurate, safe, reliable and easy to use.
Compared to 1st generation controller, which was assembled with existing controller components for the industrial use, the 2nd generation was built from the ground up specifically for the consumer market. The design is very clean and functional. The confusing keypad and Indicators were replaced with a rotary encoder and a power switch. The operation is intuitive and difficult to make mistake. This simple and clean appearance, however, does not mean the controller is more basic. This controller has more features than any other competitor’s product on the market. Below are some of the high lights that most other products may not offer.
Ease of Operation. Adjusting the set temperature is very simple. User only needs to tab the knob once to activate the temperature setting mode, and then turn the knob to increase or decrease the set temperature. It is just as simple as adjusting the temperature of a cooktop at home..

Real-time Parameter Adjustment. For the first generation RDK, the controller will maintain the current power output level while its parameters or set temperature are being adjusted. If the user spent slightly longer time in adjusting parameters, the coil can overheat and burn out due to the high power and low thermal mass nature of the coil. That scenario will not happen to this controller; because our 2nd generation controller has a more powerful microchip which capable to control the temperature and read the new parameters at the same time.

Hot Coil Warning After Turned Off. A hot runner coil may take more than 25 minutes to cool down after usage. The first generation controller doesn’t provide a reliable way to warn the user if the coil is still hot after turned off. Being unaware of a hot coil may result in users get burned and contacted objects become damaged. We solves this problem by adding a delay timer for shutting off the display. When a user switches off the heater; the display will stays on and flashes "hot" and the coil temperature alternately. After the coil is cooled down to a safe-to-touch temperature (150 °F), the display will be turned off automatically.

Compensated Temperature Display. The first generation controller only display the temperature of coil. The temperature sensor is located at the tip of the coil. It does not represent the actual temperature on the top surface of the nail, which is lower normally. The difference is determined by the thermal conductivities, the surface/mass ratio, and the ambient temperature. This controller allows the user to adjust the display temperature by entering a correction coefficient, so that the displayed temperature is closely representing the surface temperature of the nail. In additions to these new features, the controller is programmed with special PID algorithm to optimize the application, which provide a more stable and smooth control for a wide temperature range.
The optional 15.8mm coil is rated for 100 Watt 110V. It has 15.8 mm ID, 16 mm width. This coil is compatible with E-nail.
The optional titanium e-nail offers a perfect fit with the heating coil. Unlike some of the early design, these nails do not need converter or adapter to fit into the commonly used ash catcher. Two versions are offered. One fits with either 14 or 18 mm male glass. The other fits with 14 or 18 mm female glass. 

We also offer flat coil and universal nail. The coil is rated as 100W. The cable is 55 inch long with black Kevlar sleeve. 

The universal nail is made of grade 2 titanium. It has 5 disassemble pieces, which can be configured into male nail or female nail.  In either configuration, it can fit with 14 or 18mm glass.  

Note 1: For all the coils that we offer, the 20.0 mm coil's surface temperature is the closest to its sensor reading; its temperature correction coefficient is only 1.03 by test, please refer supplementary manual for more details.

Note 2: Refurbished RDK-200 is limited in stock. Please check here.


Operating voltage: 110V/220V AC.
Maximum 5 Amp
Coil connection: XLR 5 Pin
Dimension: 3.4 x1.7 x 4.7 inch, (85 x 47 x 118 mm)
15.8 mm Coil Heater E-nail

Power rating: 110V 100 Watt.
Coil size: 15.8 mm ID, 14 mm width.
Cable length: 55 in. with braided Kevlar sleeve.
Temperature range: 200 to 1000°F.

Dimension: 22 mm bowl.
Grade 2 titanium.
Male: fits 14 & 18 mm female glass.
Female: fits 14 & 18 mm male glass.
Flat Coil Universal Nail for Flat Coil
Power rating: 100W at 110V AC or 220V AC
Dimension: 9mm ID, 28mm OD. 
Cable: 55 in cable with braided Kevlar sleeve. 
Temperature range: 200 to 1000°F.
Can be use in either male or female configuration.
Grade 2 titanium.
Male: fits 14mm & 18mm female glass.
Female: fits 14mm & 18mm male glass.
20.0 mm Coil Heater 20.0 mm Nail for 20.0 mm Coil
Power rating: 100W at 110V AC or 220V AC
Coil size: 20.0 mm ID, 12.7 mm width.
Cable length: 55 in. with braided Kevlar sleeve.
Temperature range: 200 to 1000°F.
Can be use in either male or female configuration.
Grade 2 titanium.
Male: fits 14mm & 18mm female glass.
Female: fits 14mm & 18mm male glass.
15.8 mm Coil Right: Female E-nail. Left: Male E-nail

Flat coil (left), universal nail for flat coil (right, shown in female configuration).
Universal nail for flat coil in male (left) and female (right) configuration.  Disassembled (left) and assembled (right)
universal nail for flat coil. 

Unlike other universal nails (for flat coil) on the market, we offer a locking nut with in the package, which will help holding the male joints in position firmly.
20.0 mm Coil, for quartz nails or D-nail's titanium nails 20.0 mm nail in male (left)
and female (right) configuration
20.0 mm nail in male (right)
and female (left) configuration
Disassembled 20.0 mm nail

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Please contact us for wholesale price. Minimum quantity for wholesale price is 10 units.

Note 1: For international customer outside of North America, a 220V heating coil can be provided. Please leave a note for the 220V heating coil when placing the order.

Note 2: Our current 15.8mm Coil heaters with bakc Kevlar sleeve are 100W coils, while the previous version 15.8mm coil heaters with braided Nylon sleeve (beige color) are 250W (shipped before 2/15/2015). Please refer to the supplimentary manual above to adjust settings accordingly.

Note 3: Our warranty for coil heater only covers manufacturing defects; damages caused by overheat (≥1000°F) are NOT covered by the warranty. For damaged coil caused by overheat, we offer discount on purchasing a replacement. (A note on coil damages due to overheat.)

Warranty: One (1) year for the controller; six (6) months for the coil heater*. 

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