Controller for Hot Runner Coil Heater, E-Nail 12V DC Powered

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This is a 12VDC powered PID controller for hot runner coil heater. Comparing to an AC powered controller, it offers more flexibility to its user in terms of its power connection. It can get power directly from 12VDC battery pack or from a power adapter that converts main power to 12VDC. It is compact in size and light in weight. It is also intrinsically safer to operate.

Recommended batteries including the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery and sealed lead acid (SLA) battery. The heater will draw about 5 amps when heating up. It will drop to 2 - 3 amps once the temperature is stabilized. A 10Ah rated battery will give 3 - 4 hours of continuous operation*.

The optional AC to DC adapter can convert 100 - 240VAC to 12VDC, maximum current is 8 amps. It carries both CE and UL approval. 

Please note that this controller will not work with regular heating coils made for 120VAC. It only works with coil heaters that are designed for 12VDC. The acceptable coil heater should be less than 90 watts in its power rating. (Please contact us if you need to use a more powerful heater.) If you are not using the coil heater provided by Auber, you need to make sure the pin assignment of the heater matches with the controller. Using a coil heater with wrong pin assignment of this controller could damage both the coil and controller.

The optional flat coil is rated for 70 Watt 120V.  This coil is compatible with our universal nail.

The universal nail is made of grade 2 titanium. It consists of 5 pieces, which can be configured into male nail or female nail. In either configuration, it can fit 14 or 18mm glass.  
Operating voltage: 12VDC
Maximum: 8 Amp
Input power connection: Barrel Connector 5.5 mm OD, 2.1 mm Pin. Center Positive
Coil connection: Mini XLR 4 Pin
Dimension: 3.1 x1.2 x 4.2 inch, (80 x 30 x 107 mm)
DC Flat Coil:
Power rating: 70W at 12VDC
Dimension: 10mm ID, 28mm OD. 
Cable length 55 in  
Temperature range: 200 to 1000°F. 
Universal Nail:
Can be use in either male or female configuration.
Grade 2 titanium
Male: fits 14mm & 18mm female glass.
Female: fits 14mm & 18mm male glass.

Barrel connector for power input,  Mini XLR for coil

70W DC Flat coil 
Universal nail in male (left) and female (right) configuration.  Disassembled universal (left) and assembled (right) nail. 
Unlike other universal nails on the market, we offer a locking nut with in the package, which will help holding the male joints in position firmly.

AC to DC Power adapter (optional)
Warranty: One (1) year for the controller; six (6) months for the coil heater**. 

*Operating time depends on your set temperature/ambient temperature/type of your battery. A test report for several different brands of SLA and LiFEPO4 batteries, including a guide on how to choose the right LiFEPO4 battery is available to the buyer of this controller.

** Our warranty for coil heater only covers manufacturing defects; damages caused by overheat (≥1000°F) are NOT covered by the warranty. For damaged coil caused by overheat, we offer discount on purchasing a replacement. (A note on coil damages due to overheat.)

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