20.0 mm Coil Heater, 100W

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Product update: 220V AC voltage option is also offered. 

This 20.0mm coil is rated for 100 Watt. This coil is compatible with RDK-110, 200 and 300 controllers. It is not compatible with RDK-100 nor RDK-150-DC controllers. 

Note: For all the coils that we offer, the 20.0 mm coil's surface temperature is the closest to its sensor reading; its temperature correction coefficient is only 1.03 by test, please refer supplementary manual for more details (For RDK-200, 300 only).

20.0 mm Coil Heater 20.0 mm Nail for 20.0 mm Coil
Power rating: 120V or 220V 100 Watt.
Coil size: 20.0 mm ID, 12.7 mm width.
Cable length: 55 in. with braided Kevlar sleeve.
Temperature range: 200 to 1000°F.
Can be use in either male or female configuration.
Grade 2 titanium.
Male: fits 14mm & 18mm female glass.
Female: fits 14mm & 18mm male glass.

20.0 mm Coil, for quartz nails or D-nail's titanium nails 20.0 mm nail in male (left)
and female (right) configuration
20.0 mm nail in male (right)
and female (left) configuration
Disassembled 20.0 mm nail

Click here to download supplimentary manual for 100W Coil (Flat Coil, 20.0mm Coil, 15.8mm Coil w/ Kevlar sleeve).

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