Flat Coil Heater, 100W

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Product update: 220V AC voltage option is also offered. 

We also offer flat coil and universal nail. The coil is rated as 100W.. The cable is 55 inch long with black Kevlar sleeve. 
This coil is compatible with RDK-110, 200 and 300 controllers. It is not compatible with RDK-100 nor RDK-150-DC controllers. 

The universal nail is made of grade 2 titanium. It has 5 disassemble pieces, which can be configured into male nail or female nail.  In either configuration, it can fit with 14 or 18mm glass.  

Flat Coil Universal Nail for Flat Coil
Power rating: 100W at 110VAC or 220VAC
Dimension: 9mm ID, 28mm OD. 
Cable: 55 in cable with braided Kevlar sleeve. 
Temperature range: 200 to 1000°F.
Can be use in either male or female configuration.
Grade 2 titanium.
Male: fits 14mm & 18mm female glass.
Female: fits 14mm & 18mm male glass.

Flat coil (left), universal nail for flat coil (right, shown in female configuration).

Universal nail for flat coil in male (left) and female (right) configuration.  Disassembled (left) and assembled (right)
universal nail for flat coil. 

Unlike other universal nails (for flat coil) on the market, we offer a locking nut with in the package, which will help holding the male joints in position firmly.

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