DIN Rail Grounding Block

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This is a Grounding block to mount on DIN Rail. It is not only compatible with our 35 mm DIN Rail, but also can work with 32 mm rail.  

When building a control system in a large enclosure (e.g., B403020 or B404020), some times you will find that the grounding post is far away from the input receptacle or output sockets.  To wire everything in a clean and nice fashion, adding one grounding block can be a great solution. Due to this special terminal block has direct contact with DIN Rail and thus to the chasis, it can work as a flexible grounding post in your power system design.

Grounding block and its end cover (to be sold as a set).

Assembled Picture.
Approval: UL 
Rated Voltage: UL 600 V, IEC 500 V
Conductor cross-section, solid (AWG/mm2): UL 16 ~ 8, IEC 1.5-10
Conductor cross-section, flexible (AWG/mm2): UL 16 ~ 8, IEC 1.5-10
Rated impulse withstand voltage: 8KV
Torque(N-m): 1.8
Screw: M4
Wire Strip length: 12-16mm
Insulating Material: PA
Product dimension: 10.4 x 46.4 x 56 mm (0.4 x 1.8 x  2.2 inches)

Below is an example showing how the grounding block can keep wiring clean for a 50A system built on our B302520 (12x10x8") enclosure. 


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