EZboil for Step Mashing and Boiling Process Automation


  • Model: DSPR310D


Product Description:

DSPR310D is a digital power regulator designed to automate the liquid mashing and boiling processes. This model is based on EZboil® DSPR300 with following features:
1) Programmable temperature profile for step mashing mode (such as RIMS/HERMS). User can program the different mashing temperature and time duration for every step. Up to eight steps can be programmed.
2) A multi-events timer, similar to our JSL-73B timer, is added for the boiling processing mode. This timer can activate the built-in buzzer to remind the operator to add ingredients at specific time. Up to nine timer events can be programmed.
3) The built-in relays can be set to be synchronized with the mashing and boiling steps/events to turn on or off at selected step(s)/event(s). Or you can set it as standard absolute high/low temperature alarm.
Power input: 90-260VAC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
Control resolution: 1%.
Control mode: burst firing mode* (see note below)
Temperature sensor input: Pt100 RTD.
Temperature display resolution:1°C or °F,   
Timer range: 99 hr 59 minutes with 1 min resolution..
SSR Output: 12VDC, 80 mA. (It can drive up to 6 SSRs in parallel)
SSR requirement: Zero-cross, DC triggered AC SSR
Alarm Output: 3A for resistive load, 1A for inductive load
Front: 48x48 mm (1/16 DIN).
Mounting cut out: 45 x 45 mm.
Length: 100 mm (from the front panel to the back); 114 mm if include the rotary nub. 

Products Powered by EZboil®:
Turnkey brewing controller: CUBE CU001WS-2500WS-2000FBBB100

1. The burst rate will between 1 and 100 pulses for each 100 AC cycles. The pulse width equals to one AC cycle. It is automatically adjusted for 50 or 60 Hz.

2. The temperature sensor is not included. This controller can read PT100 RTD temperature sensor. Here is the link for RTD temperature sensors (Pt100 type) that can be used with this controller.

3. This unit should be used with SSR (see our 5A25A40A80A100A SSR), it's not compatible with solid state voltage regulators (SSVR). 

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