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This sensor is for measuring engine water and oil temperatures. Unlike most oil/water temperature sensors on the market that use thermistor sensing elements, this sensor uses a RTD sensing element. The advantage of the RTD is increased accuracy and wider temperature range. When used with our SYL-1813 gauge, you will be able to measure from -199 C to 250 C (or -199F to 500F) with less than 1 degree error.  No other water/oil temperature gauges can match its performance. In addition, you will be able to use all of SYL-1813’s advanced features, such as max/min temperature recall function and programmable control output.

This sensor is about the same length as the VDO water/oil temperature sensor with 1/8 NPT mounting. It can be used for ports that the VDO sensor uses. However, if you are using a plug adapter to mount the sensor into the oil gallery located on the back of the engine block, you might need a longer probe as show as the optional longer sender in the picture below. Click here for the longer sender.

Sensor length comparision


Sensor type Platinum 100 ohm (Pt100) RTD
Precision Class A
Temperature range (when used with SYL-1813) -199~ 250C or -199~500F
Mounting thread 1/8 NPT
Tip length 22 mm (0.87") from the end of the thread
Diameter 4 mm
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Cable length  2 meters (80 inches)
Cabel type three-conductor shielded with stainless steel braid

Please note, this sensor is designed to work with Auber Instruments’ meter only. It will not work with other manufacture’s water/oil temperature gauge unless it is for Pt100 RTD sensor.

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This sensor is also available with 13ft (4 meters) long cable for $9 extra. To order it, please check the option box above.

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