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Product Description:

This PID controller kit is designed to retrofit into the European Gaggia Classic espresso machine made after 2015 (which has energy saving timer). Its installation manual is based on Gaggia Classic 2016 (Model#: RI9403/11). With a PID controller added to the heater control circuit, brew water temperature can be controlled to within ±1° accuracy. Thus, it will significantly improve the taste of your espresso. Users can also easily adjust the brew water temperature to suit their own tastes.

Unique features

  1. The PID controller in this kit is specifically modified for Gaggia Espresso machine. Additional parameters are included to balance the requirements of cold start speed, shot recovery speed and long term stability. 
  2. The platinum RTD temperature sensor (RTDstat) used is more accurate and has greater long-term stability than thermocouple sensors. Temperature variations within the controller’s environment will not affect the accuracy of its reading. In addition, the sensor is built in a shape similar to the original thermostat, to fit the same place.
  3. All the cables in the kit have higher temperature endurances than the original cables used by the manufacture. We use color coded cables with either fluoropolymer or silicone insulation. This will prevent the potential electrical shock caused by PVC insulated wires touching the boiler during operation.
  4. The installation is completely reversible if you ever want to sell the machine or send it to service.

To install the kit, users will need the following:

  •     Basic knowledge of electronics wiring and safety
  •     Screw driver, pliers, a socket wrench and small amount of alcohol.
  •     30-60 minutes of time.

More important: No requirement to learn how to set up the PID controller (usually, this is the most challenging part of the project for espresso drinkers with little electronics background).

Three kit options are available:

Basic kit KIT-GG-EU:

  •     Control brew temperature.
  •     Custom manufactured PID temperature controller with parameters pre-set for Gaggia.
  •     Bright anodized aluminum box with mounting slot pre-cut and wiring hole sealed with rubber grommet.
  •     Solid state relay with mounting hardware and heat conductive paste.
  •     Platinum RTD temperature sensor made to fit the thermostat clip on the machine
  •     High temperature resistant wires, color coded, cut to length and terminated with proper connectors
  •     Detailed installation guide and operation manual with text and photos
Steam control kit KIT-GGS-EU:
This PID controller kit has all the features of basic kit (KIT-GG-EU) with the addition of steam temperature control. The steam temperature is controlled by the same controller that controls the brew water temperature. For user, the operation is the same as regular machine; no extra button is needed to press for frothing. When the steam switch is turned on, the on/off temperature of the heater is controlled to 1 degree (F or C) difference as compared with original thermostat's >10C (or 20F) difference. With this tight temperature control, you do not have to surf the temperature for frothing because the heater will kick on much sooner than the original thermostat. The on/off temperature can be adjusted by the user. 
Pre-infusion kit KIT-GGP-EU:
This PID controller kit has all the features of steam control kit (KIT-GGS-EU) with the addition of  pre-infusion and steam temperature control. 
The pre-infusion is achieved by pumping a small amount of water into the coffee, holding off the pump for a second to let water soak in, then starting the 25 second pumping. This will prevent abrupt high pressure water on the dry coffee powder that can create some fast flow channel to ruin the brewing. It will improve the consistency of the brewing even if you didn't tamp the coffee perfectly. The extraction timer contains three segments: pre-infusion pulse (Tp), soak (Td), and brew (Tb). Each segment can be set by user with 0.1second resolution.  When the ">" key is pressed, the controller starts the brewing sequence automatically.  The pump can be stopped at any time by pressing the ">" key a second time. This feature allows you to operate the brew pump manually, with the timer as a reference. User can also bypass the timer to use switch on the machine for manual controlling the brewing process.
Note 1: This kit works for 220V (European) or 110V (US or Canada) power supplies. Order shipped outside of US will be set for Celsius unit by default. For orders shipped with US, Fahrenheit units will be set by default. Please specify if you want it changed.

Note 2: This kit doesn't fit Gaggia Class which has traditional Gaggia aluminium boiler, including 14101, RI8161/40 and RI9303 models. Please check KIT-GG instead. 

Warranty: 90 days warranty and 30 days money back guarantee is offered.


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