100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry Green Coffee Beans,Unroasted


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Product Description:

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® Peaberry Coffee Green Beans for home roasting. 

Peaberry, known in Spanish as caracolillo, is a type of coffee bean. Normally the fruit of coffee plan contains two beans that develop together. During the development, sometimes one of these two beans might not develop as normal. The smaller and oval (or pea-shaped) beans are called "peaberry". Peaberry coffee beans tend to be smaller, denser and more flavorful than standard coffee beans. 
Only the coffee beans which are grown in the designated area of the Blue Mountains can be certified as Blue Mountain Coffee. It is processed at our coffee factory and requires a long process of inspection and cultivation before we receive it. 
All beans are sorted based on certain specific characteristics verified by the Coffee Industry Board. Beans are then loaded into barrels made from Aspen wood and taken to the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board who will inspect them and label them as 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee beans ready for export to those licensed to purchase and distribute them.

Package size: 1lb
Country of origin: Jamaica

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