Brew Buddy I Control Panel for HERMS System (240V 30A 7200W)

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Product Description:

The Brew Buddy I control panel is designed for HERMS system with 3 to 4 kettles. This is a full-function control panel for beer brewing, which can maximize the brewing quality and minimize your time, resources and effort spent on building an brew system. With the help of this control box, all-grain brewing is made easier and simpler. You can use it to brew up to 20 Gallon per batch. 

  • One EZBoil offers step-mashing mode for Hot Liquor Tank and another EZBoil runs in boiling mode with multi-events feature for Boiling Kettle.
  • A dual-channel thermometer that can be used to monitor two different spots on your MLT or Mash Tun and Lauter Tun if seprated.
  • Two independently controlled 120V outlets for pumps. One is for water pump and the other one is for wort pump.
  • Inter-locked switching system that reduced the chance of accidentally turning on the system when system is not ready.
  • Independent circuit breakers for both 240V and 120V circuits.
  • Independent contactors for each input and output port for extra safety protection.
  • Four RTD temperature probe that provides a more accurate reading of the system.
  • Illuminated 22 mm switches for ease of operating.
  • Black painted wall-mount enclosure with hangers.
Detail Descriptions
This panel is built with some of the most popular components offered by Auber Instruments to the beer brewing community. For example, our latest version of EZboil® controllers DSPR310D. DSPR310 is a digital power regulator designed to automate the liquid boiling process. It has two control modes: Step-mashing and multi-events boiling. In the step-mashing mode, its temperature control function utilizes an artificial intelligent algorithm optimized for mashing application. It is easier to understand and more convenient to operate than a PID controller. Also, user can program the different mashing temperature and time duration for every step. Up to eight steps can be programmed. In the multi-events boiling mode, it can bring the liquid to boil in the maximum speed; then automatically reduce the power to maintain the boil at a desired level. It provides linear and uniform power output with 1% resolution. The power adjustment is done with a rotary encoder that is easier to operate than the press button adjustment type. Upt to nine timer events can be programmed to remind the operator to add ingredients at specific time. 
To prevent running the heater dry or spray the water all over the place, the pump control switches and heater switch are interlocked with the main power switch. Operator will not be able to power up the system unless the pump and heater are at off position. Three 2-poles 32 Amp contactors are used for control the input and output ports for added safety on North American 240VAC power line.  They will cut both the L1 and L2 lines when turned off. The input contactor will make the internal of control panel safe when it is being opened and serviced. The output controllers will make the output port safe to touch when heater switches is turned off. Both the 240V AC for heater and 120VAC for pumps are protected by separate circuit breakers. If the heater or pump fails in short, these circuit breaker will trip and shut of the heater to prevent further damage.

Four PT100 type RTD probe with 8’ braided cable is included in the package. Please select the model number of your preferred probe in the “RTD Probe Option” for each brew kettle. If you want to install the probe on the wall of the tank, the 4 inch long, weldless fitting probe, PT100-L100M14, is the most common one to use.  If you want to insert the probe in the circulation through a Tee connection, the 1.5 inch long, with ½ NPT thread mounting, PT100-L401/2NPT, is the most common probe to use. Please leave a note for the other probe# you need. 
          Heater Control Output            30A, 240VAC maximum. NEMA L6-30R Connector.
Pump Control Output 10A, 120VAC maximum. NEMA 5-15R socket.
Input Connection 30A, four conductors. L14-30R Connector.
Sensor  Pt100 RTD sensor, XLR connector.
Circuit Breaker (2) 32A 2-pole and (1) 10A 1-pole.
Temperature Controller Auber DSPR310D
Thermometer Auber SYL-2802A
Dimension (W x H x D) 16 x 12 x 8 inch (40 x 30 x 20 cm) 
Weight 28 lb (12.7 kg)
Warranty One (1) year for parts and labor


1) This system is designed for North America AC power line that requires a four lines power connection (L1, L2, N and G). All the input/output connections are NEMA standard type.

2) Although the system is protected with circuit breaker, it is recommended that to hook up this system with a GFCI or Earth Leak protector protected power line because water is involved in the brewing equipment.

3) We also sell the parts. The kit of parts can be found at here.

4) Input power cord is not included because each user may have different hook up requirement in terms of cable length and connection type. The input power connector is listed as option.

5) This panel uses NEMA L14-30R socket as its power input socket. To power this panel, a power cord with NEMA L14-30P plug is required (to match L14-30R socket). We offer L14-30P plug as an option. 

6) There is one-week lead time for this product. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Figure 1. Front View of the Control Panel.

Figure 2. Bottom View of the Control Panel.


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