Brew Buddy I Control Panel Kit (240V 30A 7200W)

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Product Description:

This is a KIT to DIY your 30A Brew Buddy control panel, which is designed for HERMS brew system with 3 to 4 kettles. You can use it to brew up to 20 Gallon per batch. It comes with our latest version EZboil® controllers (DSPR310D), one for doing step-mashing and the other can be used for multi-events boiling process. The power system design also supports interlock function with main power switch.

Wiring diagram and punching specification is available after purchase. 

This kit includes the following:
  • (1) 16 x 12 x 8" enclosure in biege color with a 75 A heat sink and a set of hangers. 
  • (2) DSPR310 EZboil® controllers with step mashing and multi-events features.
  • (1) SYL-2802 Dual-Channel thermometer for mash/lauter tun temperature monitoring.
  • (2) 40A Solid State Relays; one for HLT element, the other for BOIL element.
  • (2) 2 Pole 32A Circuit Breakers; one for HLT element, the other for BOIL element.
  • (1) 1 Pole 10A Circuit Breaker for pumps and controllers.
  • (3) 32A 110V Coil Contactors; one for input power, the other two for output heaters.
  • (4) PT100 RTD temperature probe, 8 ft braided cable with XLRCON-M connector.
  • (1) Three-position selector Switch for element control. 
  • (1) Red illuminated switch for alarm buzzer.
  • (2) Blue illuminated switches for turning ON/OFF water pump and wort pump.
  • (1) Key selector switch for power ON/OFF. 
  • (2) Yellow LED for indicating element status. 
  • (1) Flashing Buzzer for alarms. 
  •  (2) 10-inch length DIN Rails.
  •  Mixed DIN Rail components for wiring split. 
  • (1) Leviton NEMA L14-30P Flanged Inlet Locking Receptacle for input power.
  • (2) Leviton NEMA L6-30R Flanged Locking Sockets for output heaters.
  • (2) Leviton NEMA L5-15R Flanged Locking Sockets for output pumps.
  • Engraved panel tags.
Please leave a note for the other PT100 probe# you need. 
Warranty: 6 months.
1) This kit is designed for North America AC power line that requires a four lines power connection (L1, L2, N and G). All the input/output connections are NEMA standard type.
2) Although the kit includes CE rated circuit breakers, it is recommended that to hook up this system with a GFCI or Earth Leak protector protected power line because water is involved in the brewing equipment.
3) Wire and wiring fittings are not included in the kit. 
4) Input power cord is not included because each user may have different hook up requirement in terms of cable length and connection type. The input power connector is listed as option.
5) The enclosure provided in the kit does not have any precuts. 
6) For European or Australian customers, please  contact us before purchase.
To see the final look of a complete project, please click here
Other Supporting Guides for assembling the Control Panel:
The tools you will need to assemble the kit:
  • Philip Screw Driver (controllers and switch blocks).
  • Flat-head Screw Driver (DIN Rail terminal blocks).
  • Wire stripper, cutter and crimping tool.
  • Soldering iron and electric tape (for extending power gauge transformer wires).
  • Hand drill (for DIN Rail mounting hole on the back plate).
  • Ruler or caliper.
  • Hot gun or multipurpose sealant.

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