UL listed Illuminated Metal Push Maintained Button Switch, 16mm

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Two options are offered, maintained action and momentary action. The maintained push-button switch can be used to control the 120Vac power to devices such as controllers, buzzers, or small fans. The momentary push-button switch can be used as a start key or a reset key for timers. 

There are three poles on the switch for wiring a load. One is normally open pole, one is for normally closed pole, and the third pin is the common pole. 

3 weeks lead time may apply for 100 pcs order. For questions of our switches (different LED color, size, wholesale pricing, etc), feel free to contact us


  SW9-UL-110 (maintained) SW9-UL-110 (momentary)
LED Color white, blue blue, green, red
LED Voltage 110 VAC 110 VAC
Operation Current Rating 5 A @ 120 VAC,
3 A @ 250 VAC
5 A @ 120 VAC,
3 A @ 250 VAC
Panel Thickness 1 ~ 8 mm (5/16'') 1 ~ 8 mm (5/16'')
Cutout Diameter 16.5 mm (5/8'') 16.5 mm (5/8'')
Switch Terminals 1 NC + 1 NO 1 NC + 1 NO
Operation Type maintained momentary
Ingress Protection IP67 IP67
Body Material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Accessories 6 wiring connectors 6 wiring connectors

Note: the nut and the gasket should both be installed behind the panel.

Four LED colors (blue/green/red/white) to choose from.
Right: Maintained Action: ON position on the right, OFF position on the left
Dimensions (mm)
Typical wiring (110V LED): Turn indicator on when button is pressed Indicator is always on
Keyword: Vandal-proof, Vandal-resistant switch

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