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Product Description:

These are two-position selector switches. They are one of the shortest illuminated 22.5 mm switches on the market. The depth behind the panel is 48 mm (1.88").
Maintained action switch type is available.
Four colors to choose from: red, yellow, green, and blue.
Two block configurations are available, 1) two normally open (NO) blocks, or 2) one normally closed (NC) block and one normally open (NO) block. 

Two options for the LED illimination are available, 120V and 240V

The lower half of this switch can be devided into three blocks. One middle block for the LED light, and two switch blocks on the side. Each block is independent from other blocks.
The power for the LED light should be connected to the middle block, which has the same color as the LED color. There is no connection between LED light block and any of the NC or NO switch blocks. Two switch blocks are installed on the outer side. Additional blocks can be added to switch more pairs of wire. 
 See the BK-SW15 of the additional block. Whether the block is    
a NO or a NC block is printed on the side of its block. This can also be identified by looking at the bottom of the block. A green round dot indicates a NO block; a red round dot indicates a NC block.      

Mounting Cutout: 7/8" in (22.5 mm) Diameter
Length Behind the Mounting Panel: 48 mm  (1.88")
Illumination Voltage: 120 VAC or 240 VAC
Operation Current Rating: 10A at 120 VAC or 240 VAC
Mechanical Life: 1,000,000 Cycles
Number of Contact: 1 Normally Open, 1 Normally Closed
Illumination Type: LED
Illumination color: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue

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The picture shows the different color of the selector switches.  

The diagram shows the dimension of SW16 selector swithes (the unit is mm).

Typical Wiring (110V AC):


Typical Wiring (US 240V AC):



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